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Google warns of a major phishing scheme

According to online reports, the attack was a phishing scam potentially aimed at stealing personal information and possibly even Google login credentials. As for the new security measures, there's one major caveat: The phishing warnings in Gmail will initially only be able to corporate Gmail users on Android. Lire la suite »

France's new president moves quickly on first full day in office


The wives of French presidents have not typically taken on first lady duties as many do in countries such as the United States. About 300 guests, including ministers, politicians, officials, and Macron's family attended Macron's inauguration inside the Elysee's reception hall Salon Murant in the building's west wing. Lire la suite »

US, China sign trade agreement


Under the agreement , China will allow USA beef exports to go directly to the country for the first time since 2003. The deal, which comes just five weeks after US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping agreed to address a US$350 billion trade imbalance within 100 days of their summit last month, is expected to lubricate ties between the two economies ahead of a planned China visit by Trump this year. Lire la suite »

Gaza fisherman killed by Israeli fire, army probing incident

According to the Palestinian narrative, approximately 700,000 Arabs fled or were expelled from their homes during the 1948 Israeli War of Independence. Fishermen's union head Nizar Ayash said that the shooting and the arrest of four other crewmen happened in one incident and two more arrests were made when the military boarded another Gaza boat overnight. Lire la suite »

United States democracy 'under assault' from Donald Trump, former intelligence chief warns


Democrats and several Republicans in Congress have publicly mulled pressing the Department of Justice to appoint a special prosecutor or establishing an independent investigative body that could look into allegations of potential collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign in what the United States intelligence community says was Moscow's efforts to influence the USA election. Lire la suite »

North Korea tests missile as South's new leader takes reins

John Schilling, an aerospace engineer and North Korea specialist, said the missile would have flown some 2,800 miles if launched on a maximum trajectory. strongly warning the USA should not. disregard or misjudge the reality that its mainland and Pacific operation region are in (North Korea's) sighting range for strike". Lire la suite »

Choosing a thoughtful gift for Mother's Day


Mothers , and the lessons they pass along to us, play roles in our lives every day. There isn't a ideal way to be a mother . When a child feels this, he or she learns to trust the parent (s) better. It is the first glimpse of your child at birth, the first steps that your daughter took and the first time the "Tooth Fairy" visited your child's room. Lire la suite »

La ville de Bouaké aux mains des mutins — Côte d'Ivoire

Les mutins assurent être prêts à en découdre avec les forces loyalistes si celles-ci intervenaient. Ils ont ensuite été intégrés à l'armée. Les mutins réclament les reliquats des primes promises par le gouvernement après des mutineries de janvier, qui ont ébranlé le pays. Lire la suite »

De nouveaux tirs de mutins à Abidjan et à Bouaké — Côte d'Ivoire

Jeudi, une cérémonie en présence du président Alassane Ouattara et d'un sergent mutin avait pourtant annoncé la fin des contestations. Organisé sans la présence de la presse et diffusé en différé après montage, l'évènement se voulait visiblement un point final à la protestation de l'ensemble des forces de sécurité, alors que le pays est durement touché par l'effondrement des cours du cacao vital pour son économie et dont il est le premier producteur mondial. Lire la suite »

La mutinerie des derniers jours a fait son premier mort — Côte d'Ivoire

Les soldats ont utilisé leurs armes pour repousser une manifestation contre la mutinerie dans le centre-ville de Bouaké ce dimanche matin. Il avait été placé par des hommes en civil qui se réclamaient des mutins. La circulation est timide en ville et les écoles sont fermées. Plusieurs services publics et privés, et établissements scolaires sont restés fermés, les quelques fonctionnaires venus travailler, ont vite regagné leurs domiciles de peur d'être pris pour cible par les mutins qui tirent ... Lire la suite »

China to agree on economic cooperation with 30 countries

In the communique, China and other nations underlined the importance of expanding trade and investment based on a level playing field. PTI reported from Beijing that India skipped the opening ceremony of the conference after New Delhi's strong statement late on Saturday that read: "Regarding the so-called "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor", projected as the flagship project of OBOR, the global community is well aware of India's position". Lire la suite »

Un dimanche d'investiture et de bains de foule — Emmanuel Macron

perth_map fait aujourd'hui le point sur les séquences clés qu'il ne fallait pas rater. À sa sortie de l'Élysée, François Hollande a échangé une longue poignée de main avec le nouveau président, en lui souhaitant " bon courage ". Mais, sitôt Emmanuel Macron parvenu à l'Elysée, le ciel s'est éclairci, semblant obéir à la demande formulée par Sibeth Ndiaye, conseillère en communication du nouveau président, qui avait lancé: "C'est bon, vous pouvez arrêter la pluie!" Il a déjà fait savoir ... Lire la suite »

More disruptions feared from cyber attack; Microsoft slams government secrecy

The "Wannacry" virus locks users out of their computers and demands hundreds of dollars from victims hoping to regain control of their documents and data. This is likely based on the fact that most security experts are advising that those hit not pay. According to The Sunday Times , a security update released by Microsoft in March to protect against the virus "was not applied in many NHS organisations that had been using Windows XP, an older operating system". Lire la suite »

Ransomware attack should be wake-up call for governments, says Microsoft

Security researchers said they observed some victims paying via the digital currency bitcoin, though they did not know what percent had given in to the digital extortionists. "That's what makes this more troubling than ransomware was a week ago", Thakur said. "This most recent attack represents a completely unintended but disconcerting link between the two most serious forms of cybersecurity threats in the world today - nation-state action and organized criminal action", he added. Lire la suite »

Another appeals court to weigh Trump's revised travel ban


A three-judge panel with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit will join the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit in deciding whether Trump ran afoul of the Constitution when he tried to temporarily shut down the U.S. "Again, in this court, the President claims a almost limitless power to make immigration policy that is all but immune from judicial review", Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin wrote to the 9th Circuit. Lire la suite »

Bayrou-Macron, déjà de la friture sur la ligne

Je ne laisserai pas faire ça ", a prévenu François Bayrou à L'Obs . " Une négociation, ça se noue ou ça se rompt ", lui a répondu Jean-Paul Delevoye face à la presse près du QG du mouvement du président élu, à Paris. " Les personnes investies resteront investies ", a-t-il déclaré, tout en ne fermant pas complètement la porte à un nouvel accord avec le Modem . "Le Modem et En Marche! ont présenté des profils, la commission d'investiture a fait son choix", explique le bras droit du ... Lire la suite »

Des troupes gouvernementales en route vers Bouaké — Côte d'Ivoire


Ils patrouillaient dans les quartiers, passant parfois à tabac des habitants, selon des témoins. "Nous évitons même de porter des habits à l'effigie du président", a confié Salif Koné, un militant du parti. Des menaces de sanctions ont été proférées, ce qui n'a pas fait fléchir leur position. La veille, la même mise en garde s'est avérée sans effet. C'est ce contingent de 8.400 hommes qui a lancé la mutinerie de janvier. Lire la suite »

Former French PM describes Socialist Party as 'dead'


Hamon went on to make a disastrous showing in the presidential election, being eliminated in the first round in fifth place. The rest will be defectors from the Socialists and right-wing Republicans and members of Mr Macron's movement and the allied centrist Modem party. Lire la suite »

Coalition confirms Australian business affected by global malware attack

Last year, prompted by online attacks, the Turnbull Government outlined a $230 million cyber safety plan, which Tehan believes has offered a degree of protection for Australia. "Because this would be nowhere near the worldwide spread and depth of attack if people had run the updates that Microsoft had provided in March". At least 16 British National Health Service organisations were hit by the attack. Lire la suite »

Législatives : Corinne Lepage "ulcérée" par les demandes du Modem

Alors que François Bayrou annonçait vendredi soir qu'un accord avait été trouvé pour une centaine d'investitures de candidats MoDem sous l'étiquette La République en marche, Richard Ferrand a démenti samedi tout "accord d'appareil". Profil des 428 candidats en Marche: Les promesses du candidat Macron, - renouvellement , parité, pluralisme-, ont-elles été respectées dans la liste des 428 candidats investis sous la bannière En Marche, pour le scrutin des 11 et 18 juin prochains? On ... Lire la suite »

Le Pen's Niece Quits Politics in Blow for National Front Party


Marion Marechal-Le Pen, 27, said she will give up her seat in parliament as well as her position as opposition leader on the council for the southern Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur region, a bastion of the far right. In a first for modern France, the mainstream left and right parties failed to qualify for last Sunday's presidential runoff, which saw Macron handily beat Le Pen with 66 percent of the vote. Lire la suite »

Pour Poutine, Macron est "moins bien que Chirac"

Mais cela n'est pas une fatalité car Vladimir Poutine est pragmatique. Vladimir Poutine n'a jamais caché son soutien à Marine Le Pen qui représentait, selon lui, "un spectre politique en Europe qui croît rapidement". Emmanuel Macron disposera de cinq années pour trouver grâce aux yeux de son partenaire. "Chirac pensait à tout ça à l'époque, et il avait raison", avait-il ajouté. Lire la suite »

UK PM May pledges annual defence spending rises until 2023


Mrs May said her party would also continue to meet the pledge to spend at least 2% of national income on defence. "If you've got armed forces, you've got to be prepared to use them". Although the Conservatives have repeatedly boasted about their achievement of spending 2% of GDP on defence, the Government's very own newly released calculations show they have fallen short of that. Lire la suite »

Pyongyang claims It successfully tested intermediate ballistic missile

U.S. officials said the missile launched near the city of Kusong, in western North Korea, flew across the country and into the Sea of Japan/East Sea, hitting the water about 60 miles from Vladivostok in eastern Russian Federation. "The North is apparently trying to test Moon and see how his North Korea policy as well as policy coordination between the South and the U.S. will take shape", said Yang Moo-Jin, professor at the University of North Korea Studies in Seoul. Lire la suite »