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Donald Trump pledges to move quickly to nominate new Federal Bureau of Investigation chief

Your afternoon shot of politics, sent straight from the desk of Joshua Miller. "James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" Trump wrote on Twitter Friday morning. Trump spent most of the week out of sight, a marked change from a typically jam-packed schedule that often includes multiple on-camera events per day. Lire la suite »

Palestinians concerned over Trump's Mideast peace vision

Mr Abbas told Mr Trump that Palestinians would be partners in seeking a "historic peace treaty" under "your courageous stewardship and your wisdom, as well as your great negotiating ability", while reiterating the core Palestinian belief Israel must end its occupation of Palestinian land in the West Bank over the 1967 Green Line. Lire la suite »

Officials piece together events before nursing home shooting

Authorities say Steven Eric Disario, who headed the Kirkersv. Emergency personnel arrive to the scene of a shooting outside Pine Kirk nursing home in Kirkersville , Ohio on Friday, May 12, 2017 . Court records show Medrano had reported injuries including a concussion and cuts requiring stitches. "I called and I called and I called and it was like I had no voice, so now that we have a police officer dead and these other innocent people dead, maybe someone will listen", said Long. Lire la suite »

Trump asked to turn over any Comey tapes

Fellow Republican Lindsay Graham of SC, speaking on NBC's "Meet the Press," said Trump now "has a duty and obligation to pick somebody beyond reproach outside the political lane" to lead the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But former Bay State Democratic Chairman Phil Johnston said Trump has no one to blame but himself for the communications troubles. As President Donald Trump considers a replacement for fired FBI Director James Comey, lawmakers are urging the president to steer ... Lire la suite »

Trump slams 'critics' in his first commencement address as president

Trump kept to a largely upbeat message during the roughly 30-minute speech, never mentioning his stunning decision this past week to remove James Comey as Federal Bureau of Investigation director. Trump also took time during the speech to discuss the history of Liberty University and give a nod its athletics program. Trump also touched on the role of faith in America throughout the almost 30-minute speech, receiving huge applause when announcing, "In America we don't worship government, we ... Lire la suite »

Macron sworn in as new president of France

At 39, Mr Macron is France's youngest leader since Napoleon and the first to be born after 1958, when a presidential system was set up. Optimism seemed muted too, with 55 percent of respondents to the Elabe survey saying they thought Macron would "not improve things for the French people". Lire la suite »

Trump urged to hand over any Comey tapes


The Clinton camp were furious but Donald Trump said the decision "took guts". White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders disputed the report and said the president would "never even suggest the expectation of personal loyalty". Trump's administration - embroiled in a deepening crisis over the sacking and its shifting explanation of events - was expected to interview the first four candidates for the post on Saturday. Lire la suite »

May Day Demos Turn Violent In Northwest, Dozens Arrested


They chanted "Donald Trump has got to go!" at the White House gates. At least one protest has turned violent: In Paris, protesters threw "gasoline bombs and other objects" at police, while officers threw tear gas at the crowd and clubbed some demonstrators with truncheons, Reuters reports . Lire la suite »

Local Texas leaders remain opposed to property tax bill despite key changes

Texas lawmakers want to change things after a transgender boy won a girls' wrestling championship, but that move won't be met quietly. Against girls, those steroids give him an advantage. Beggs was earlier this year given approval to compete against males, but there's a catch. "It's what the UIL stated a little bit after the competition". Lire la suite »

Trump fails to repeal Obama's methane rule in US Senate

Montana's Republican Senator, Steve Daines Wednesday voted to roll-back the federal methane rule , but that effort was stymied by three Republicans: John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins who joined Democrats. Methane, scientists say, accelerates climate change and Obama's administration said in issuing the new rule that it would prevent 180,000 tons of methane from being emitted into the atmosphere. Lire la suite »

Le dernier discours de François Hollande — France


Emmanuel Macron a été élu Président de la République le dimanche 7 mai avec 66,10 % des voix selon des résultats définitifs. Le chef de l'Etat a présidé mercredi matin son dernier Conseil des ministres . Sur ses projets, le président sortant reste très discret. La vie après le pouvoir dès dimanche ne se fera donc pas sans politique. Visiblement, il ne craint pas qu'il lui soit reproché d'avoir entraîné la "mort " du parti dont il a été le premier secrétaire durant onze ans (1997-2008). Lire la suite »

Les remerciements de François Hollande au Parti socialiste

Avant la cérémonie d'investiture, le président élu a été accueilli par son prédécesseur et ancien mentor François Hollande, sans échanger de mots. Emmanuel Macron avait été précédé de dix minutes par son épouse Brigitte Macron, pour laquelle il voudrait que soit reconnu un statut officiel de Première dame. Lire la suite »

Comey not anxious about possible Trump tapes

President Trump is threatening to cancel the White House press briefing and seems reluctant to commit to keeping Sean Spicer as White House press secretary. "You know that, I know that, everybody knows that". "Yes, it sounds like something he would do", the source said, "for the purposes of protecting himself". Lire la suite »

VIDÉO - Le passage de témoin entre Hollande et Macron à l'Elysée


La relation s'était fatalement dégradée devant les ambitions d'Emmanuel Macron, mais les cérémonies du 8 mai, au lendemain de l'élection du nouveau président, avait montré que la complicité était encore bien présente. 08h39: Tout est prêt au Palais de l'Elysée pour la passation de pouvoir . Emmanuel Macron a ensuite été reçu à l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris par la maire de la capitale Anne Hidalgo. Lire la suite »

A peine installé, Emmanuel Macron a procédé à ses premières nominations — France

Les deux présidents se sont entretenus dans le bureau présidentiel pendant une bonne heure, bien plus que la demi-heure prévue. Il prend le temps de saluer les uns et les autres et de savourer cet instant historique . Y compris François Hollande , " faisant œuvre de précurseur avec l'Accord de Paris sur le climat ". "Notre pays porte en son sein toutes les ressources pour être au premier rang des nations". Lire la suite »

Rosenstein role in Comey firing raises more questions than answers

The blowback against the firing of Comey angered the increasingly frustrated president, who made the decision after consulting only a small group of advisers, anxious the news would leak out. Spicer also said Trump's tweet this morning was not meant as a threat to Comey not to speak to the media. "You know that I know that, everybody knows that". Lire la suite »

Korea reports on South's presidential election


Tuesday-the day he was elected-Moon announced that "under the right conditions" he could open discussions with Pyongyang, a stance some believe could put the USA ally at odds with the Trump administration as it considers military intervention in the region. Lire la suite »

1 killed, 7 injured in San Diego shooting


Before the shooting starts, there was a huge birthday party by the pool. "He didn't stand up". He sat the whole time. Cannon's friend, Monique Clark, was shot and killed while attending a birthday pool party at the La Jolla Crossroads apartments in San Diego . Lire la suite »

Comey sacking: Trump urged to hand over any tapes

Thirty percent felt less favorably about Trump's job performance after the Comey firing; just 6% had a more favorable impression. The move prompted an uproar among Democrats and some Republicans because Comey's agency is leading an investigation into whether members of the Trump campaign colluded with Russian Federation in that country's attempts to interfere with the USA presidential election past year. Lire la suite »

Qui a habillé le couple Macron — Passation de pouvoirs

Le nouveau Président de la République française, Emmanuel Macron, et la maire de Paris Anne Hidalgo à l'Hôtel de Ville lors de la passation de pouvoir, ce dimanche 14 mai 2017. Après la cérémonie, Emmanuel Macron a remonté les Champs-Elysées pour se rendre au pied de l'Arc de Triomphe. Vers 12h20, 21 coups de canon ont été tirés depuis l'esplanade des Invalides pour célébrer la passation de pouvoirs entre François Hollande et Emmanuel Macron . Lire la suite »