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India, Cyprus tax treaty to boost economic ties: Meghwal


India and Cyprus on Thursday expressed confidence that the recent revision in tax agreement between the two will provide a boost to investment flows. Cyprus is the eighth largest country in terms of FDI inflow into India and the bilateral trade read $110 million. Read More »

GOP Updated on Healthcare, Trump Tweets 'Obamacare Is in a Death Spiral'

Republicans are holding a conference call Saturday afternoon to touch base ahead of their return to Washington on Tuesday, and the new legislative language could be distributed to them ahead of the call. MacArthur's proposal would allow states to seek waivers from certain federal requirements for health coverage. Rep. Tom MacArthur says his health insurance compromise will continue to ensure coverage for those with pre-existing conditions . Read More »

Trump Pledges To 'Confront Anti-Semitism' In Holocaust Memorial Speech


The ritual is the centerpiece of Israel's annual Holocaust Remembrance Day for those who were systematically killed by Nazi Germany and its collaborators during World War II. From Auschwitz to Israel to the Cedar Valley, people around the world paused to pay homage Monday to the millions who perished in the Holocaust. Speaking to Holocaust survivors, lawmakers and Israeli officials, Trump said the US has a duty to "confront anti-Semitism... Read More »

Mother not angry at Facebook over videos of baby's death

The video was livestreamed on Monday evening and made inaccessible by Facebook late Tuesday afternoon. Before the video was stripped from Facebook , many viewers expressed their outrage in the comments below. Trairat said her husband had been abusive in the past and spent two years in prison before they started dating. Facebook has more than 1.8 billion monthly active users; 85 percent of them are outside the US and Canada, making this livestream issue an ongoing and worldwide matter. Read More »

United boosts lid on payments to passengers who give up their seats

Mr Dao was a paying passenger who was already in his seat when he was removed from the Chicago to Louisville flight to make way for additional crew members. The airline said several policies would be effective immediately while others would be rolled out during the year. United Airlines is now struggling to restore trust among its potential customers as Mr. Read More »

Russia Vetoes Security Council Condemnation of Syrian Chemical Attack


After seeing images of the horrific aftermath of the chemical attack, Trump ordered a bombardment of the Shayrat airbase in western Syria, which the U.S. Ahead of Tillerson's visit tempers rose sharply as United States officials suggested Russian forces may have colluded in the latest atrocity blamed on Assad's regime that left 87 civilians dead including children in the town of Khan Sheikhun. Read More »

U.S. admiral says North Korea crisis is at worst point he's seen

US military vehicle moves as South Korean police officers try to block residents and protesters who oppose a plan to deploy an advanced USA missile defense system called Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense , or THAAD, in. Julie Bishop said North Korea is "provocative and belligerent" and is "causing great tension in our region, that's why Australia and others have called North Korea to change its behavior". Read More »

Angela Merkel douche les illusions de Theresa May — Brexit


L'Allemagne et les autres pays européens n'entendent pas, en particulier, donner à la Grande-Bretagne un accès plein et entier au marché intérieur de l'UE sans maintien d'une libre circulation des citoyens européens au Royaume-Uni. L'UE espère entamer les négociations sur l'article 50 après les élections générales anticipées prévues au Royaume-Uni le 8 juin. Tous droits de reproduction et de représentation réservés. Read More »

Syrian Media Blames Israel for Strikes Near Damascus Airport


Within the same context, an Israeli cabinet minister on Thursday hinted that Israeli warplanes had, in fact, struck a target near Damascus International Airport. He ordered cruise missile strikes on a Syrian air base this month after blaming Assad for a chemical weapons attack that killed at least 70 people, many of them children. Read More »

White House showcases Trump's accomplishments


The House plan would lower the top tax rate of 39.6 percent to 33 percent, but raise the lowest rate of 10 percent to 12 percent. Similarly, 87% of Clinton voters disapproved of Trump's job performance so far, and 85% of Trump voters approved. Read More »

Freedom Caucus says it now backs GOP health care plan

But the thinking among moderates now is if they get rolled on health care - if the more conservative version of this bill passes - the GOP leadership and White House will looking to the conservative Freedom Caucus, not moderates, in the days ahead. Read More »

Protesters storm Macedonia parliament after vote for speaker

The protesters stormed parliament after the country's opposition Social Democrats and parties representing Macedonia's ethnic Albanian minority voted for a new speaker. RFE/RL's correspondent inside the parliament reports that the demonstrators damaged doors inside, stole the mobile phones and cameras of journalists, and advanced into a press room where Zaev and ethnic Albanian members of his proposed coalition were conducting a press conference after Xhaferi's election as parliamentary speaker. Read More »

Turkey air strikes kill Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq


A military statement said the air strikes targeted the Zap region, the Turkish name for a river which flows across the Turkish-Iraqi border and is known as Zab in Iraq. The number killed has not been confirmed but reports suggest about 18 YPG and five Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga members died. "Two hours before this operation, we shared information with the U.S. Read More »

THAAD in South Korea to be operational soon

Landers/U.S. Navy via AP). South Korea's navy has said it plans to hold a joint drill with the USA strike group late this month. All 100 senators were invited and transported in buses for the unprecedented classified briefing at the White House. Read More »

Les États-Unis relancent un conflit commercial avec le Canada


Mais en frappant le bois de construction, appelé bois d'oeuvre au Canada, Donald Trump réveille un vieux dossier qui divise les deux voisins depuis 35 ans. "Lundi dernier, il est apparu que le Canada veut bloquer le dernier produit laitier exporté des Etats-Unis". OTTAWA, 26 avril (Reuters) - Le Canada et les Etats-Unis ont enregistré des progrès ces derniers jours dans leurs discussions sur le litige commercial entourant les exportations canadiennes de bois d'oeuvre, a déclaré mercredi la ... Read More »

The White House's decision-making on Michael Flynn is troubling


Cummings said the committee had asked the White House, in which Flynn served as President Donald Trump's national security adviser for less than a month, for more information about his financial disclosures. Flynn registered with the Justice Department as a foreign agent in March 2017, after he was sacked by the Trump administration. Robert Kelner , a lawyer for Mike Flynn, said in a statement to ABC News Tuesday that Flynn briefed the Defense Intelligence Agency "extensively ... Read More »

Syria War: Sarin Used In Khan Sheikhoun Attack, OPCW Says


After the US strike, Russian Federation said it would suspend its participation in a hotline with the United States military to "deconflict" or minimize the risk of mid-air collisions in Syrian airspace, but USA officials said this week that the two militaries continued to communicate. Read More »

Freedom Caucus Reverses Course, Plans to Support Amended Obamacare Replacement Bill

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., approved of Trump's apparent shift. Groups representing more than a half million clinicians are writing Congress opposing compromises to rescue the troubled GOP health care bill. Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin ... The wall's cost estimates range past $20 billion. "The monstrous immorality of TrumpCare is perfectly encapsulated in House Republicans' plan to exempt their own health coverage from the damage it will do to everyone else". Read More »

Moderates balk at conservative-backed, revised health bill

Even more - 70 percent - supported requiring all states to protect Americans with preexisting conditions. One key moderate, GOP Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, dismissed the Freedom Caucus about-face as "a matter of blame-shifting and face-saving" for a bill going nowhere. Read More »

Trump Could Pull US Out of NAFTA With Executive Order

Instead, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "agreed to proceed swiftly, according to their required internal procedures, to enable the renegotiation" of the trade deal to "the benefit of all three countries". Read More »

White House studying executive order to withdraw from NAFTA

Trump told Mexican and Canadian leaders that he would not terminate NAFTA, and all three countries agreed to renegotiate the deal. "It is an honor to deal with both President Pena Nieto and Prime Minister Trudeau, and I believe that the end result will make all three countries stronger and better". Read More »

Judge cites Trump's words in blocking 'sanctuary city' order

Orrick is a district court judge and is not part of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, although the latter will hear the Trump administration's appeal . The executive order by Mr Trump, who made cracking down on illegal immigration a cornerstone of his presidential campaign, directed such funding to be restricted once the Homeland Security Department determines what constitutes a sanctuary city. Read More »