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US Nuclear Submarine Arrives in South Korea

Xi told Trump that China strongly opposes North Korea's nuclear weapons program, which violates U.N. Security Council resolutions, and hopes "all parties will exercise restraint and avoid aggravating the situation" on the Korean Peninsula, China's official broadcaster CCTV said. Read More »

Analysts Set $44.25 Target Price for Community Trust Bancorp, Inc. (CTBI)

Community Trust Bancorp has a 52 week low of $32.99 and a 52 week high of $51.35 with a P/E ratio of 15.94 The company's market cap is now $0. The stock's price switched up 0.46% 20-Days Simple Moving Average, dropped -3.83% from 50-Days Simple Moving Average and fell -5.63% from 200 Days Simple Moving Average. Read More »

President Aliyev offers condolences to Egyptian president


The terrible attack was conducted under the name of the Egyptian branch of ISIS and took the lives of over 40 people and 100 injured; where most of the casualties where Egyptian Copts. Sisi declared the "three-month" state of emergency, which he must present to parliament within a week, during a defiant speech warning that the war against the jihadists "will be long and painful". Read More »

Release Date Of iPhone 8 Delayed

Love the curved display on the Galaxy S8? Samsung steps up to ward off those rumours and stated that new orders for the display components will be placed soon. Therefore, if everything falls according to plans, the assembly of OLED panels for the iPhone 8 will start in May, followed by their shipment in early June. Read More »

Tiny Racers Mode Goes LIVE On PC, PS4, And Xbox One


The new mode shifts the game's camera to a Top-down perspective which is similar to the original GTA game. It's being billed as a retro-inspired stunt racing event, complete with weapons, power-ups, loops and more. This includes the last known update, the Gun Running expansion update for the game as well. The new "Tiny Racers" update accommodates up to four " Grand Theft Auto Online " players where the objective is not to fall behind. Read More »

Le Pen's French Election Campaign Targets Far Left and Right

Fr. Europe's political establishment also rushed to back Mr Macron, arguing that it had "no choice" but to support the centrist Europhile over a candidate hell-bent on the bloc's destruction. Jean-Marie Le Pen, who repeatedly has been convicted of crimes based on anti-Semitism and racism, founded the far-right National Front party that his daughter Marine now leads. Read More »

Former N.Y. police, lawyer arrested in gun licensing probe


At a news conference, NYPD Commissioner James P. O'Neill said he was "absolutely appalled" at what happened and promised that changes have been made to prevent a recurrence. John Chambers: The former Kings County assistant district attorney, 62, who lives in Manhattan, was charged with one count each of bribery and conspiracy to commit bribery. Read More »

Jeremy Corbyn pledges to transform lives in Scotland


However, this was rejected by Britain's defence secretary, who has never served in the armed forces. The results have been catastrophic. It is unsafe and irresponsible for government ministers to be openly talking about carrying out pre-emptive strikes, which would kill indiscriminately and on an even greater scale than the bombing of Hiroshima. Read More »

Days: How Trump's Low Approval Ratings Compare to Past Presidents

The standard of measuring presidents by their accomplishments during their initial 100 days in office started with Franklin D. Roosevelt. With President Donald Trump nearing 100 days in office - and 96 percent of voters who picked him in November saying they'd do it again today - ABC News' David Muir traveled to counties in three battleground states to see how residents would grade the commander-in-chief. Read More »

Iran's Khamenei says next president should be less engaged with West


Under Rouhani, Iran in 2015 signed a landmark deal with world powers to lift economic sanctions on the Islamic republic in return for curbs on its nuclear programme. Islam, because Islam could stop injustice and tyranny against mankind", IRNA news agency quoted the Leader as saying. With conservatives buoyant over the sluggish economy, hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi , who is seen as a close Khamenei ally, is Rouhani's most likely challenger on May 19. Read More »

Marine Le Pen n'est (provisoirement) plus présidente du Front national

En troisième position, François Fillon a obtenu 20,01% des voix, devant Jean-Luc Mélenchon à 19,58% et Benoît Hamon à 6,36%, selon ces chiffres incluant le vote des Français de l'étranger. Pendant deux semaines (et plus, si elle devait être élue à l'Elysée), Marine Le Pen ne sera plus la présidente du FN. Invitée à dire ce qu'elle allait changer pour tenter de réunir les voix nécessaires à une victoire face au favori Emmanuel Macron , Mme Le Pen a répondu sur France 2: " Je pense que nous ... Read More »

Scientists Just Discovered Powerful Ice Waterfalls in Antarctica


Two radar images from April 7 and 14, 2017 were combined to create this so-called interferogram showing the growing crack in Antarctica's Larsen-C ice shelf. "When the ice shelf calves this iceberg it will be one of the largest ever recorded - but exactly how long this will take is hard to predict". Melt streams were discovered in Antarctica during the early 20th century, and since then a network of 700 seasonal systems of ponds, channels, and streams have been discovered. Read More »

Fillon aurait encore menti au sujet de sa femme — France


Penelope Fillon aurait ainsi " bénéficié d'argent public dès le premier mandat parlementaire de son mari , grâce à des contrats d'études ou de missions commandées par celui-ci" précise Mediapart . François Fillon a notamment été mis en examen le 14 mars pour détournement de fonds publics, complicité et recel d'abus de biens sociaux. Le 28 mars, son épouse Penelope a été à son tour mise en examen pour des motifs similaires. Read More »

L'hologramme de Jean-Luc Mélenchon en meeting à Nantes le 18 avril

Pour le second tour, Marine Le Pen serait battue à la fois par Emmanuel Macron (39 contre 61), François Fillon (45 contre 55) et Jean-Luc Mélenchon (43 contre 57). Manuel Bompard, le directeur de campagne de Jean-Luc Mélenchon, admet que "c'est un peu vague, Jean-Luc Mélenchon a prévu un discours sur la paix, en phase avec l'actualité" cet après-midi sur le Vieux-Port de Marseille. Read More »

Beauty And The Beast: 21 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

At this point, it seems likely that we'll see Beauty and the Beast repeat its success into next weekend, as well. "Of its global openings, " Beauty and the Beast " opened as the No. Costing $25 million to produce, " CHIPS " wasn't the biggest risk, but its $7.6 million debut disappointed. "With Beauty and the Beast there have been decades of goodwill and the Disney brand and so many more elements going into it than just the intellectual property", Dergarabedian said. Read More »

Le casque obligatoire pour les enfants — Vélo


Ils se protègeraient ainsi tout en donnant l'exemple aux plus jeunes. Il n'est pas question de la remettre en cause. Dans son communiqué, la Sécurité routière ajoute que "le port du casque diminue drastiquement le risque de perte de connaissance: à plus de 10 km/h, il passe de 98% dans le cas d'une tête non casquée à 0,1% pour une tête casquée. Read More »

À un mois du premier tour, Macron prend la tête — Sondage présidentielle


Il gagne un point. La candidate du Front national (FN) connaît toutefois une légère baisse d'un point. À l'inverse, François Fillon continue de chuter. Un mouvement qui traduit aussi l'intérêt des Français pour la présidentielle. En parallèle, vous êtes désormais 76% à déclarer vouloir voter au premier tour le 23 avril, contre 73% la semaine dernière. Read More »