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You Can Now Watch The Taylor Swift


The high-budget clip referenced her notorious feuds with Kardashian and her husband Kanye West , Katy Perry and Swift's British ex-lovers Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris . During the video, Swift can be seen laying in a bathtub, covered in diamonds, and on the line "I don't like your flawless crime", the camera pans to her hands, which are adorned with jewels. Lire la suite »

Devenir co-propriétaire d'un château en Dordogne pour 50 euros, c'est possible


Pour pouvoir le racheter, le restaurer et lui donner une nouvelle vie, l'association Adopte un château a décidé de recourir au crowdfunding. Mise à prix: 250 000 euros. Les possibilités sont nombreuses. La propriété, située à Saint-vincent-le-Paluel, dans le Périgord noir, se compose d'un château classé monument historique, d'une bergerie, d'une maison de maître (8 pièces), d'écuries, d'un moulin, d'un pigeonnier, d'un garage, d'un étang, d'une piscine et de bois et prairies. Lire la suite »

National promises to extend parental leave to 22 weeks


Labour has hit back at National's new parental leave policy , saying Bill English has "no credibility" on the issue after his party vetoed a bill to extend it to 26 weeks past year. "I've spent 15 months as a house husband myself". The government past year used a financial veto to block legislation that would have increased PPL being increased to 26 weeks. Lire la suite »

Pink Performs Career-Spanning Medley At MTV VMAs, Wins Vanguard Award


At the VMAs , Pink was dressed in a black suit, just like her husband and daughter. Accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the ceremony, the 37-year-old singer shared a heartbreaking story about her eldest child, recalling the moment Willow told her mother she thought she was the "ugliest girl" she knew. Lire la suite »

Sofia Vergara Scores a Big Legal Win Against Her Ex


If Loeb decides to continue the battle, he would need to file suit in California, where he and Vergara are now residents. Seriously, was Loeb really going to make babies Sofia didn't want outside her body despite her being married to another man?? While the 41-year-old entrepreneur wants to implant the into a surrogate, Vergara wants to keep them frozen. Lire la suite »

Judge: Lynyrd Skynyrd film violates 3-decade-old agreement


The surviving members made a legal pact never to perform under the Lynyrd Skynyrd name again, but eventually reformed in 1987 for what was supposed to be a one-off tribute concert. The filmmakers argued that Street Survivor didn't and wouldn't represent any authorization from the band, that the production company wasn't a party to the agreements and that the film constituted free speech. Lire la suite »

Trans Rights Activist Confronts Caitlyn Jenner: 'You're a Fraud'


Taking her money and doing all that?" When Trans Chorus co-chair Dena Williams tried to intervene, Preston criticized her for accepting Jenner's donation. "Yes, Ashlee Marie Preston! ". Preston defended confronting Jenner, tweeting: "Desperate times call for desperate measures". The reality star later explained it was all a big mishap, and promised to throw the red hat away. Lire la suite »

Vitaa et Slimane deviennent coachs — The Voice


Si vous voulez participer à l'émission, dépêchez-vous de vous inscrire sur le site de la RTBF! Les deux chanteurs français se sont donc empressés d'annoncer la nouvelle sur Twitter. Parmi les nouveaux coachs, on retrouve également l'artiste Vitaa, la chanteuse américaine BJ Scott et le chanteur et guitariste du groupe Puggy , Matthew Irons. Lire la suite »

Game of Thrones too racy for Vic street


There have been no complaints about the other street names in the estate, with more than a dozen inspired by the show , Mr Smith said. Thankfully, Snow Street made it through without a complaint and even though Daenerys" feels Jon Snow is " too little' for her in the show, potential buyers think otherwise. Lire la suite »

"Despacito" equal to the record of the best sales


The feat of "Despacito" is all the more extraordinary as non-English songs rarely dominate the U.S. market. Fonsi, a veteran pop singer in Puerto Rico, created the sensational hit by turning to the sounds of reggaeton, the dance music historically associated with marginalized communities on the island, with lyrics full of sexual innuendo. Lire la suite »

Emiri Diwan announces Eid Al-Adha holiday for government bodies


It should be mentioned here that the federal government also announced four-day holidays from September 01 to 04 on the occasion of religious festival of Eid ul Adha . The holiday declaration is contained in Proclamation 297 in accordance with Republic Act 9849. The festivity includes sacrificing an animal to signify the same offering. Lire la suite »

L'amour est dans la pré très largement en tête (M6)


Enfin, C8 ferme le classement avec le film Shooter, tireur d'élite , qui a attiré 1 million de téléspectateurs, ce qui représente 4,9% de part de marché. " Rizzoli and Isles " sur France 2 a attiré 3.127.00 téléspectateurs et 14% du public. France 3 arrive loin derrière avec le film de Dany Boon La maison du bonheur suivi par 1,7 millions de cinéphiles, soit 7,8% de part d'audience. Lire la suite »

Justin Bieber tout nu sur le profil de Selena Gomez


Justin Bieber a été entraîné dans un tourbillon aujourd'hui sur le web et ce, bien malgré lui: des photos le montrant totalement nu ont été dévoilées sur Instagram! Les photos de Justin Bieber avaient déjà été publiées en 2015: les journaux avaient opté pour une version censurée mais les photos du chanteur dans le plus simple appareil avaient circulé sur Internet. Lire la suite »

Evangeline Lilly's Ant-Man and the Wasp costume revealed


Jack Kirby , arguably one of the greatest comic book artists in American history, obviously deserves a birthday gift of a much higher calibre. More as we get it. "Ant-Man and the Wasp " is now filming with Michelle Pfeiffer already cast as Hope's mother and the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne. Perhaps we'll see Wasp go through multiple versions of the costume in the film, a nice nod to her constantly changing threads in the comics. Lire la suite »

AP Was There: Princess Diana dies in Paris car crash

They slammed the paparazzi who hounded her ("The people that chased her into the tunnel were the same people that were taking photographs of her while she was still dying on the back seat of the vehicle", said Harry .) Most of all, they showed how we may have gotten some things wrong. Lire la suite »

Princess Diana's influence endures 20 years after her death

Charles Stonehill was a friend of one of her flatmates; Mary Robertson employed her as a part-time babysitter; while former HIV nurse John O'Reilly met her when she kissed hands with an Aids patient in 1987. We couldn't protect her. Diana suffered from not being loved by her husband, and in the spiritual message she spoke very candidly about Charles. An inquest in 2008 determined that the princess and her boyfriend were unlawfully killed, and that the driver and paparazzi pursuing her shared ... Lire la suite »

Malayalam Actress assault and abduction case: Dileep denied bail by the court


The actor in his fresh plea then submitted that the scenario had completely changed and that he was not the kingpin of any criminal conspiracy or even a participant therein. The bail petition had alleged that Dileep is being targeted by a large scale conspiracy hatched by powerful sections of the Malayalam film industry and certain others, who could manage police, media, and political leaders to spread false information against him for months together. Lire la suite »

Elle a "beaucoup pleuré" lorsque François Hollande a renoncé à se présenter — Julie Gayet émue


La compagne de l'ancien président a raconté ce qu'elle avait ressenti quand ce dernier avait annoncé qu'il ne briguerait pas un second mandat. Une chose l'a particulièrement émue, c'est bien sur le moment où le prédécesseur d'Emmanuel Macron a renoncé à se présenter à nouveau aux présidentielles: " Moi en tout cas, j'ai été très émue, il m'a fait beaucoup pleurer à ce moment ". Lire la suite »

Marc Webb to direct movie about a Westboro Baptist Church convert


At one point, she became the defacto spokesperson for Westboro and used her vast Twitter following to organized protests and other events. "I'm looking forward to working with the brilliant Marc Webb , CNÉ and with my friends Reese Witherspoon , Bruna Papandrea and River Road, with whom I enjoyed such a good relationship during the making of Wild ". Lire la suite »