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Sorry Cara, Rihanna's the queen of the red carpet

The model-turned-actress is one of the most photographed women in the world, but has insisted she's not naturally a clothes horse and admitted she didn't feel comfortable in the image-obsessed world of modelling. 'It really teaches me so much about myself and about life, and that's what I've always wanted to do. IT doesn't sit very easy with me. Earlier, the 29-year-old said she and Harry Styles are in the same boat as they try to transition from pop star to movie star. Lire la suite »

Mort de Claude Rich : le silence assourdissant des chaînes de télévision


Pourtant, aucun hommage à l'artiste n'a été programmé sur les chaînes de France Télévisions. Ses compositions de personnages historiques sont restées dans les mémoires, notamment au théâtre Talleyrand (" Le Souper ", 1989) - à l'écran, le rôle lui vaudra un César en 1993 -, le philosophe Louis Althusser (" Le Caïman ", 2005) ou le cardinal Mazarin ("Le Diable rouge ", 2008). Lire la suite »

Love Island to tour United Kingdom in spin-off show


The ITV dating show is drawing to a close . "I think that they will take things much slower when they are on the outside than everyone else will". "With Camilla I find it very hard sometimes to see where she's coming from and it's not necessarily that I don't like her or anything, we really, really get on and I've never met anyone like her but naturally in friendships you don't get along 100 percent of the time". Lire la suite »

Justin Bieber annule sa tournée


Il y a 18 mois d'ici, Justin Bieber , 23 ans, commençait son " Purpose World Tour ", pour le plus grand bonheur de ses fans. "Ce n'était pas une décision prise du jour au lendemain". Il a répondu aux journalistes de Splash News qu'il va "se reposer, se relaxer et faire du vélo". Ces derniers ne sont en effet pas assurés contre les annulations sans une raison médicale ou un "cas de force majeur" qui pourrait se traduire par une guerre ou une instabilité politique dans un pays qui mettrait ... Lire la suite »

Justice League : le trailer du Comic-Con qui décoiffe


Donc on se voit en salles dans un an et quelques? ". Serait-il la personne à qui Alfred parle à la fin de la bande-annonce en lui disant " you're not to late "? On notera d'ailleurs une information supplémentaire indirecte à Justice League : c'est la confirmation du film solo pour The Flash , qui s'appellera The Flash: Flashpoint . Lire la suite »

A Conor McGregor movie is coming soon


Conor McGregor has shown off his latest workout regime ahead of his highly-anticipated fight with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas next month. "I got mad because I thought they were going to use MMA rules against boxing because that's what it's all about, 'can the boxer beat the MMA guy?'". Lire la suite »

Louis Tomlinson Slams Harry Styles Dating Rumors After 1D Celebrates 7th Anniversary


The "couple" even spawned a niche and rather graphic fanfiction genre. It features a capital letter "E" near his thumb on his left hand, which fans are guessing is a tribute to his girlfriend Eleanor Calder . "I mean I heard little bits of development every now and then from Liam but I didn't know how far it was going to end up obviously", he said . I think it shows that it was never anything real, if I can use that word'. Lire la suite »

Un vétéran bouleversé après avoir vu le film Dunkerque


La scène se passe à Calgary, au Canada, à la sortie d'une avant-première de Dunkerque . "C'est comme si j'étais là-bas à nouveau", dit-il, très touché. Film à suspense davantage qu'un film de guerre , Christopher Nolan se frotte pour la première fois au cinéma historique. " " J'en ai perdu beaucoup " a ainsi confié Ken Stury avant d'ajouter qu'il pleurait surtout car il avait l'impression que la guerre ne serait jamais vraiment terminée". Lire la suite »

The Next James Bond Movie Sets Release Date


The 25th James Bond movie gets the green light as the movie gets a 2019 release date. Craig has so far played 007 in four Bond films , beginning with 2006's Casino Royale , then followed by 2008's Quantum of Solace , 2012's Skyfall , and 2015's Spectre . Lire la suite »

You're going to want to watch this new 'Justice League' trailer


He wanted to knock down the idea that he wasn't committed to the character, even though he won't be directing. A screengrab from highly anticipated " Justice League ". When a young fan asked the actors if he'll show up in the film, Gadot reassured him. "He said you'd come", he says to the unseen person. So when Comic-Con 2016 rolled around, Warner Bros . Lire la suite »

Dhinchak Pooja is back with her latest masterpiece, 'Baapu dede thoda cash'


Dhinchak Pooja is one of the additions in the list of YouTube sensations that boasts of people like Taher Shah among others. The same song made her an overnight internet star. We do not get to see the legendary singer Miss Pooja but yes, her irritating voice will surely get on your nerves. Even Sonu Nigam had acknowledged Pooja's song Dilon Ka Shooter and posted a video in his own version with lyrics by Pooja. Lire la suite »

I like sex, but I am not an addict


Yes, yes he did. News during a damp night, the Lord has wished to return to his words for nuance: "I would like to say that it is rough enough that the whole world regarded me as a sex-addict". "We have nothing to do with each other romantically", he said. When pressed further about his sexual appetite, he added that it's "a gargantuan appetite, but not an addict!" "No, no love interest for me". Lire la suite »

Malaysian Diana Chan wins MasterChef Australia by 1 point


A strong contender throughout the season, Chan impressed the judges not only with her innovative and flavourful food but also her ability to remain calm under pressure during the many intense challenges. But balanced, wholesome and delicious - that's my criteria", she added. Chan had trouble assembling the complex elements, and broke her pear's stem with just seconds left on the clock. Lire la suite »

Boy, 4, breaks down in tears during wedding while embracing new mom


Leehan said in her heartfelt speech to Gage. Dapper page boy Gage couldn't contain his tears for any longer and immediately ran to his stepmother for a hug. "Here's a family that spends their lives defending our nation", says Gallagher, "and this moment happens that is just pure joy and pure, true, raw, positive emotion". Lire la suite »

That Arya and Nymeria scene in GoT explained


As you can see from the video, the next episode of the show include a few long-awaited scenes: the Unsullied invasion of Casterly Rock , the seat of House Lannister , and capital of the Westerlands, and the epic meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen . Lire la suite »

Sa compagne attaque les opportunistes présents aux obsèques — Ludovic Chancel mort


Cependant, l'un de ses messages a particulièrement retenu l'attention des internautes. Mère et fils entretenaient ces dernières années des relations tendues . Comment prendre en grippe une personne que vous ne connaissez pas et que vous n'avez jamais vu de votre vie (peut-être 2 fois, une demi-heure) pour sauver votre image! En effet, d'après les commentaires laissés par les internautes, il ne fait aucun doute, " Sheila trompe tout le monde", y compris Sylvie. Lire la suite »

Une mamie flashée en Porsche à 238 km/h


Alors qu'elle comparaissait devant le juge la semaine dernière à Namur (BE), une dame de 79 ans a médusé l'audience. "Ce soir-là, ne trouvant pas le sommeil et ne sachant dormir, j'ai décidé de sortir et de prendre l'air pour me changer les idées. Lire la suite »

Dunkirk Veteran Reacts on Christopher Nolan's War Movie

Nolan's casting decisions included hiding one of his film's biggest stars, Tom Hardy , behind a pilot's mask, and treating another, human-trending topic Harry Styles , as just another member of the sprawling ensemble. Among audiences who did see the film, " Valerian " only received a B- on CinemaScore, on top of a 55 percent Rotten Tomatoes score. South Korea also performed well with a $10.3 million weekend, as Nolan tends to be popular in Asian markets. Lire la suite »

Le 25ème James Bond attendu en novembre 2019


Elle a d'ailleurs prévu une annonce ultérieure pour dévoiler les acteurs et le réalisateur. Le comédien avait enfilé le costume du célèbre agent secret pour la dernière fois dans " Spectre ", en 2015, après quoi, il avait déclaré qu'il préfèrerait se "trancher les veines" que de replonger dans ses aventures. Lire la suite »

Game Of Thrones Finally Delivered Its Most Feminist Sex Scene


For him to do that is a really big deal and Missandei knows that and doesn't really care. In a moving scene, Grey Worm admitted that Missandei is his weakness . As he tried to cover himself, ashamed of how she might react to his castration, she assured him that it didn't matter to her. Grey Worm and Missandei, undeterred by Grey Worm's castration, emphasise that sex does not rely exclusively on male genitalia, and that sexual satisfaction can be achieved in numerous ways. Lire la suite »

WWE Battleground: Jinder Mahal escapes Randy Orton, John Cena fights Rusev

The main event of the WWE pay-per-view Battleground turned out to be an "Indian" affair on Sunday as The Great Khali made a surprise comeback to help Jinder Mahal retain his WWE Championship. AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens - Owens is the new United States Champion. There's been talk of Orton going off to film a new movie so that may be a reason fans don't see him on the " SmackDown Live " show for a bit. Lire la suite »

Margaret Atwood's 'Alias Grace' gets the TV treatment


Grace ( Sarah Gadon ), an Irish domestic servant working in Canada, was accused and convicted of murdering her employer and his housekeeper in 1843. Now, following the success of Hulu's adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale , Netflix is coming out with a miniseries adaptation of another Atwood work: Alias Grace . Lire la suite »

Justin Bieber just canceled the rest of his world tour


Bieber was scheduled to perform at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on August 18. "After careful consideration he has decided he will not be performing any further dates". Fans will be able to refund their tickets, according to Bieber's team. "It wasn't a decision made overnight", a source told Variety . The news comes on the heels of an announcement that China has banned Bieber from performing because he's too " controversial ". Lire la suite »

'Wonder Woman 2' Is Officially Happening, So Go Ahead And Get Hyped


Director Patty Jenkins said that she was interested in taking the helm on a second film , and has thrown out a couple of ideas for where she wants to take the story. As of July 16, " Wonder Woman " grossed $380.7 million, according to Hollywood Reporter . It's time. I realized that Wonder Woman 2 is its own great movie. Lire la suite »