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Trump on Spicer quitting


And I think maybe Bannon is being undercut by the Roger Stones and others of this world who want to take credit for this election". SIMON: No, no, no, no. "He's not a conservative, he's not even a libertarian and he doesn't really know the way Washington works", Klayman said. Called out on this, Spicer said: "He's using the words that the media is using". Lire la suite »

WWE Battleground 2017: Final Picks and Predictions for Entire Match Card

AJ Styles put his US Title on the line against Kevin Owens , and Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn continued their never-ending war. In plain sight, this is a line-up that threatens very little change ahead of the company's second biggest event of the year - the 30th instalment of Summerslam emanates from NY in August and is already clearly the focal point of weekly programming. Lire la suite »

The Westworld Season 2 Trailer Shows The Park's Dying Throes


You can check out the first trailer for Westworld season 2 above. The player piano (the best character in the series) sits musicless, covered in blood. She defied her programming by going back into Westworld to search for her daughter. We also only got one phrase out of showrunner Jonathan Nolan when he was asked during the panel about the possibility of seeing Samurai World in season two: "It doesn't look like anything to me". Lire la suite »

Jensen Ackles Gave Jared Padelecki A Pretty Bro-Tastic Birthday Gift


Padalecki was 23 years old and Ackles was 27 years old, so basically just kids living the actor's dream, so much so that they would keep stocked kegs in their trailers during shooting. It means surprise kegs, of course! O'Brien wheeled out a keg - from Ackles' own craft brewing company, Family Business Beer Co . - and Padalecki suggested that he should celebrate with a keg stand. Lire la suite »

Home Alone actor John Heard dies


Called on-site, the police could only confirm the death of the actor. The cause of death is still unclear, but the police are investigating and do not suspect foul play. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for guest starring in the television series The Sopranos . Married to Margot Kidder (the actor who essayed the role of Louis Lane in Superman ) for six days in 1979, he also had a son named Jack with actor Melissa Leo. Lire la suite »

Nigerian Governor invigilates primary school exams

The governor who gave the order when he paid an unscheduled visit to some the examination centers in Benin City, vowed to ensure that basic education in the State was strengthened. He assured of his administration's readiness to improve the quality of basic education in the state, stressing that the process will be tedious and rigorous but the children in the long run would be better for it. Lire la suite »

SDCC: Supergirl Cast & Crew Dish On Season 3


The prospect of a world without a Flash was where we were left at the end of Season 3, and the supporting characters in this trailer promise a sharper and funnier approach to the source material. "Mon-El will return at some point... how he returns is one of the central mysteries of Season 3", Rovner explained. She may not look it in this brief preview, but Reign has been described as a "worldkiller" with Annabelle saying that the character has "a very specific agenda". Lire la suite »

Valverde: Barcelona must keep Neymar

It would also come with a substantial salary bump for the superstar who is now suspected to be making around $18.6 million U.S. per year with Barcelona . Thiago Silva has responded to the United States in the night of Thursday to Friday, according to the French newspaper Le Parisien: "I don't know". "But, for the moment, it is especially important to prepare for the new season". Lire la suite »

'Aquaman' Footage Makes a Splash at Comic-Con


Aquaman will give the king of Atlantis his own movie for the first time in the character's history. However, he did hint that Aquaman will seriously impress fans when it's released next year. The camera goes underwater and we see an armada of ships. We are then transported underwater to see the fleet, including Atlantians riding sharks. "You don't want to maybe talk this over?" he asks, before smling. Lire la suite »

Spielberg revealed the first trailer of 'Ready Player One'


The film follows a young outcast, Wade Watts otherwise known by his screen name Parzival ( Tye Sheridan , Mud ), who escapes his daily life in the stacks by logging into an online virtual reality game called "The Oasis ". "To be honest with you, I thought this would never happen", Ernest Cline said at Comic-Con. "I learned how to be a storyteller because of this man". Lire la suite »

SDCC 2017: Watch the Riverdale Season 2 Teaser


Hit show Riverdale looks set to get even darker in season two. The assailant who shot Fred is still unknown, however, the trailer shows Archie taking his father to the hospital, leaving the gang with another mystery on their hands. Good thing we'll have so much more time to get into all the drama this year - as revealed at SDCC, when Riverdale returns to the CW on October 11 , it will run for a full season of 22 episodes instead of the 13 it started on last season. Lire la suite »

HBO dévoile un teaser de la saison 2 — Westworld

Maeve (Thandie Newton) et Ed Harris (L'Homme en Noir) contemplent le chaos qu'ils ont laissé à la fin de la saison 1. Cette saison 2 prévue pour 2018 accueillera Neil Jackson (Sleepy Hollow, Abstentia), Katja Herbers (Leftovers, Divorce) et l'intense Jonathan Tucker (Kingdom). Lire la suite »

White House new Communications Director expresses 'love' for Trump


Mr Spicer quit in protest over the hiring of a new White House communications director, NY financier Anthony Scaramucci , objecting to what Mr Spicer considered his lack of qualifications as well as the direction of the press operation. In a statement on Friday night, Mr. Trump said , "Anthony is a person I have great respect for", and went on to describe the problem he hopes he will solve. Lire la suite »

Blade Runner 2049 panel: Harrison Ford, a Jared Leto hologram and more

Meanwhile on screens along the walls of the hall, a timeline was displayed showing a series of events that took place between the first movie and the new one, including an EMP blast that destroyed Los Angeles, a worldwide food shortage, the prohibition of replicants, the creation of new replicants that led to the repeal of prohibition, and the desertion of Earth by large swaths of the population. Lire la suite »

Supergirl Faces Existential Crisis In Season 3 Trailer

We live in a cool place. Calista Flockhart will be reprising her role as Cat Grant in Season 3 of " Supergirl ". "Supergirl" Season 3 will premiere on Monday, Oct. Finally, Yael Grobglas ( Jane the Virgin , Reign ) will debut as DC character Psi , a psychic who cruelly manipulates people's minds. It was also confirmed that she will not only appear this season, but she'll be in the very first episode of the season! ET has your exclusive sneak peek at the first footage from the CW ... Lire la suite »

Supergirl Season 3 at SDCC


Needless to say, when the cast stopped by our studio this year, they came prepared with a Season 2 song. Supergirl returned to SDCC to bring us all of the secrets for their upcoming season. At the end of the show's sophomore run, Cat returned to National City and released a broadcast, telling the city's residents to fight back during the Daxamite invasion. Lire la suite »

Le prince George adorable sur une photo dévoilée pour ses 4 ans


Il faut dire que le fils aîné du prince William et de Kate Middleton s'est fait désirer! Sur la photo, le petit Prince porte une chemise rayée bleue et blanche. Derrière l'objectif? Non pas la duchesse de Cambridge, qui a réalisé quelques-une des photos de ses enfants, mais Chris Jackson, photographe rattaché à la famille royale travaillant pour Getty Images. Lire la suite »

Danny Trejo joins The Flash season 4


The Mechanic is Devoe's assistant who also happens to be a brilliant engineer. A devoted subordinate, she will stop at nothing to ensure that Devoe's plans for humanity are carried out. This metahuman has "the fastest mind alive", as his metahuman ability enhanced his brain power. Based on the DC characters, the series is executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Todd Helbing and Sarah Schechter. Lire la suite »