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BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Brand New Trailer


Society is divided between two classes, replicant and humans. By 2049, the humans left on Earth are those who can't afford to go to an off-world colony. Harrison Ford, meanwhile, was at peak Harrison Ford, grumbling, "It doesn't matter what I think", when his internal calculations about how much air he could get in a vintage WWI biplane inside the massive convention hall were interrupted by someone asking him again if he thought Decker was a replicant. Read More »

Green Lantern Heavily Speculated For Justice League Movie

Who is he talking to at the end? The film picks up after the events of " Batman v Superman ", with Batman and his new super-friends furthering the Justice League to fight humanity's greatest foes. (As cool as Steve Trevor was, after all, he wasn't the Fastest Man Alive, nor half robot.) It's something that pivots away from the DC movies of last year and before, and goes in a direction audiences responded to when Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot offered it earlier this year. Read More »

Sean Spicer on SNL Parody: 'It Was Stupid, Silly, Malicious'

McCarthy has been widely praised for her hilarious impersonation of the White House press secretary, but it turns out not everyone enjoyed her performance. Sean Spicer had a post-resignation Sean-off tonight, appearing on Fox News' Hannity to clear the air over his departure from his job, one of the quickest in White House press secretary history. Read More »

Terminé "Batman" pour Ben Affleck ?


Le studio Warner essayerait-il de se débarrasser de Ben Affleck? Il existe même des comics avec deux Batman simultanément actifs à Gotham City. Ben Affleck pourrait reposer le costume de Batman après Justice League . Read More »

Se cruzaron al aire por un "0" de Polino


Rocío Guirao Díaz fue la primera en defender el trabajo. "Muy mala onda. Es como si no hubiera venido", disparó. Polino no acusó recibo y levantó la vara: " Cambiaría el invitado y ensayaría triple turno en el lugar de ustedes ". No creo que esté para un cero. Me parece que su puntuación lo está haciendo simplemente por un tema del juego, del show. y no está valorando que estamos bailando . Read More »

'Dunkirk' not a typical war film

One Direction singer Harry Styles has finally made his acting debut in Christopher Nolan's WWII action thriller Dunkirk . These are the early days of World War II, and this is a pivotal moment. It focuses on the difficulty of the evacuation and not much else. Enter Fionn Whitehead , who was working as a dishwasher when he went along for his Dunkirk audition. Read More »

Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk is an unmissable war epic


One of the most anticipated films of 2017 was Christopher Nolan's " Dunkirk ", a World War II epic that is nothing that the acclaimed auteur has ever attempted before. "I try to only make films that I feel very connected with on some emotional level", he said. Droning organ noises, screeching keys and deep chords grip you. Read More »

Le nouveau film SF de Steven Spielberg se dévoile — READY PLAYER ONE


Le plus grand réalisateur de la planète a porté à l'écran le roman de science fiction de Ernest Cline sorti en 2011. Alors que la Terre se meurt, un adolescent (Tye Sheridan, vu dans Mud , Joe et X-Men Apocalypse) se lance dans une chasse au trésor dans le monde virtuel d'OASIS, monde parallèle complètement dingue où tout est possible. Read More »

Warner Bros. confirms Wonder Woman 2


It's unclear right now who'll be directing it, although it's likely that the first movie's director, Patty Jenkins, will return. Today, however, Geoff Johns confirmed to Yahoo Movies that he's now writing Wonder Woman 2's script. There have been a number of reports that Wonder Woman 2 will see Diana during the Cold War in the 1980's and that Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) will return in some capacity. Read More »

Geoff Johns Wants to Build DCEU's Batman Universe Like the Comics


He's going to start that next year, and that's just the start. But we got to see some more footage as the second Justice League trailer dropped today at Comic-Con. There's certainly a lot of DC Extended Universe news coming out of this year's San Diego Comic Con, and while everyone's feeling a bit anxious for Ben Affleck's Dark Knight after Warner Bros. Read More »

Trump didn't want me to quit, press secretary Sean Spicer says


Spicer quit after Anthony Scaramucci , an investment-firm founder and top Trump donor and surrogate, announced he was joining the White House as communications director on Friday. "I'm grateful for Sean's work on behalf of my administration and the American people". "I will cherish and hope to do my very best every single day and be as open, honest, and transparent with you all as humanly possible", Huckabee Sanders said. Read More »

Steven Spielberg Shows Off First 'Ready Player One' Footage At Comic-Con


Protagonist Wade Owen Watts ( Tye Sheridan ) is one of many people who spend their time in the Oasis , a virtual world where anything can happen. "In the near future, gamers compete inside a massive video game universe to find an "Easter egg" hidden by the network's recently deceased creator which promises real life riches". Read More »

'Blade Runner 2049' Panel Fills in the Timeline Between Sequel and Original


Sony Pictures have released a new trailer for Blade Runner 2049 ahead of the film's release in United Kingdom cinemas on 6th October. Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner , LAPD Officer K ( Ryan Gosling ), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into chaos. Read More »

Lalu's VIP access to Patna airport curtailed


The move is said to part of the Modi government's initiative to cut the VIP culture prevalent among Indian politicians. Lalu Prasad Yadav whose name started surfacing in a corruption case in 1997 had to leave the post as Bihar's Chief Minister and his wife Rabri Devi was given the position of CM. Read More »

Anthony Scaramucci apologises for describing Donald Trump as hack politician

Scaramucci, who is now serving as the senior vice president and chief strategy officer at the Export-Import Bank, will officially begin his new role on August 15, 2017. "There feels like there's a little bit of media bias, and so what we hope we can do is de-escalate that and turn that around". " Sean Spicer is a wonderful person who took tremendous abuse from the Fake News Media - but his future is bright!" the president said in a social media post late Friday. Read More »

Thor: Ragnarok Costumes Go on Display at Comic-Con


At the end of Thor : The Dark World , we know that Thor (Chris Hemsowrth) believes that his brother sacrificed himself. These standees aren't the first official images we've gotten of any of the characters, but they are detailed and are straight-on images, allow for close examination beyond what we've gotten before. Read More »

'Sonic the Hedgehog' Switches Publishers, Races to Comic Book Relaunch

That news wasn't a shocker for longtime readers, either - Archie removed Sonic's comic book line from its list of subscriptions earlier this year, and replaced its Free Comic Book Day offering featuring Sonic with a different title. "We know they'll serve as a good home for the new adventures of Sonic , his friends, and foes". But with how fast Sega and both IDW are moving regarding the transition, there will surely be more news to come soon. Read More »

The Punisher Trailer Is Even Bloodier Than You'd Expect

While the sneak peek has not yet been released online, Heroic Hollywood's Michael Mistroff was at the panel. The clip opened with a shot of Frank Castle in happier times, teaching his young daughter to play guitar. Finally, the scene shifts to Chicago, where Frank kicks in an airport bathroom stall, choking the man inside. Joining Bernthal in the cast is Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page from Daredevil ) as well as Ben Barnes ( Westworld ) and Ebon Moss-Bachrach ( Girls ) among others. Read More »

People Hospitalized During Chance The Rapper Show in Connecticut After Excessive Drinking


Most people attending the concert in their late teens and early 20s were below the legal drinking age. Officers say excessive alcohol consumption was prevalent in surrounding lots. They say underage drinking enforcement will continue. A Lady Antebellum concert is scheduled for Saturday, and police remind parents to be aware of the atmosphere at some concerts so that parents and children can talk about making responsible decisions. Read More »

Prince George beams in official photo ahead of fourth birthday

Prince George celebrates his fourth birthday on Saturday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were "delighted" to share the photograph taken by royal photographer Chris Jackson, Kensington Palace said. The sweet picture of the princess was taken by her mother, a keen photographer, at their home in rural Norfolk, Anmer Hall. Both children were born at St Mary's Hospital in London. Read More »