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Pacific Rim 2 Viral Teaser Introduces John Boyega's Jake Pentecost


DeKnight ( Daredevil ). Fans might recognize the voice of Ellen McLain, who uses the same voice of GLaDOS (from the Portal video game series) for the A.I. While Pacific Rim featured a Jaeger program on its last legs - and, as such, numerous robots were older machines - Uprising seems to be including state-of-the-art technology in its Jaegers. Lire la suite »

Omar Sy victime de racisme, son épouse exprime sa colère — Twitter


La raison? Un tweet abjecte et raciste publié par un twittos, se présentant comme membre de la DGSE et du front national. Mais le commentaire qui a suivi la publication a suscité la colère et l'indignation chez plusieurs internautes français: " Le mélange des races est une abomination sur le plan de la Création Divine ", a tweeté le dénommé Frederic Duiliac. Lire la suite »

Salvador Dali body to be exhumed for DNA test — BBCI


Dali is buried in his hometown of Figueras, Catalonia in a museum which he designed for himself and which is also accessible to the public. Married for 55 years to Elena Ivanova Diakonova, better known as Gala, it was assumed that the marriage was never consummated, {link:NBC News noted: "" target="_blank"}. Lire la suite »

Despacito Declared the Most Streamed Song of All Time


Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak told AFP that the ministry had received numerous complaints over the steamy lyrics of the reggaeton beat song, which has won global popularity. "They have chose to withdraw the approval of the song", he said. It's not wholly surprising that " Despacito " has been streamed so many times; right now, the song is no. Lire la suite »

Dozens injured in clashes at al Aqsa mosque


For the fourth day in a row, Jerusalemites prayed in front of the gates of Al Aqsa to reject the electronic gates, while Jews were allowed to enter the mosque accompanied by the Israeli police. Religion of peace. And no metal detectors. Israeli media reported that security chiefs are at odds over the new devices. What happens next is, of course, an open question, but we do know that the words of the American administration are not enough to turn the head of Benjamin Netanyahu. Lire la suite »

James Franco becomes Tommy Wiseau in 'The Disaster Artist' teaser


The Disaster Artist , directed by and staring Franco, is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Greg Sestero . The book covers Sestero's experience working on and acting in the 2003 film The Room by Tommy Wiseau . The cast is pretty strong too, offering Zac Efron , Bryan Cranston , Allison Brie, Zoey Deutch, Lizzy Caplan, Kristen Bell , Josh Hutcherson , Sharon Stone , Adam Scott, Zach Braff plus so many more. Lire la suite »

BBC warned of sex discrimination lawsuits over talent gender pay gap

After BBC's reveal, calls have come from home for RTE to produce their own highest-earners list, but at the moment, it seems our national broadcaster is in no rush. Second, this move will prove inflationary. Third, if you thought it was tin hat time for the talent, pity the poor agents they work with. Political presenter Andrew Marr defended his £400,000-a-year salary and claimed he has turned down higher offers from the BBC's rivals. Lire la suite »

Premier aperçu de Lando Calrissian — Han Solo

Si le réalisateur reste dans l'ombre ce qui nous intéresse se situe dans le moniteur derrière lui: On peut y voir Donald Glover en Lando Calrissian à bord du Faucon Millenium! Un cliché qui semble avoir été pris dans le Faucon Millenium, vaisseau dont il est le propriétaire avant qu'Han Solo ne le remporte lors d'un tournoi de sabacc sur la cité des nuages de Bespin. Lire la suite »

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington dead


Today is the birthday of alternative singer Chris Cornell , who committed suicide last month . Representatives for Linkin Park were not immediately available for comment. That feeling, being able to write about it, sing about it, that song, those words sold millions of records, I won a Grammy, I made a lot of money. The world is going to miss you Chester Bennington . Lire la suite »

Andrea Leadsom in Jane Austen 'greatest living author' gaffe


Andrea Leadsom's admiration for Jane Austen drew laughs from fellow British MPs on Thursday, when the cabinet minister described the Georgian writer as "one of our greatest living authors". People in period costume display the new £10 note featuring Jane. Leadsom quickly corrected herself after the Commons broke out into laughter, adding: "Greatest ever authors". Lire la suite »

Chester Bennington, le chanteur de Linkin Park, s'est suicidé


Il avait six enfants nés de deux mariages. Le chanteur de Linkin Park a souvent parlé de ses démons, lui qui était hanté par des problèmes de dépression chronique et une dépendance aux drogues et à l'alcool. Il chantait dans Linkin Park depuis 1999. "Mes pensées vont à sa famille et amis". Il est propulsé au devant de la scène mondiale dès la sortie de son premier album Hybrid Theory , en 2000. Lire la suite »

PM Nawaz inaugurates Lowari Tunnel


The premier reached Upper Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) on Thursday afternoon to inaugurate the tunnel. He exclaimed that those who were demanding his resignation should be ashamed of themselves. He hoped that these elements will also be defeated in the next elections. PM Nawaz notified that Shahra-e-Dastoor (Constitution Avenue) was under siege by the opposition for four months as the coffins of law and constitution were taken out. Lire la suite »

Air France names Boost airline 'Joon'


Joon is aimed at helping Air France compete with the increasingly intense competition from budget European carriers such as Easyjet and Gulf airlines such as Emirates. Designed for our millennial customers, it will offer more than just a flight and a fare, it will offer a global travel experience. "The creation of a new airline is a historic moment in many ways". Lire la suite »

Jada Pinkett Smith: I Was Drug Dealer While Pal of Tupac Shakur


She is awesome, and when this film overperforms and trounces box-office expectations, just remember that unfiltered joy is something audiences totally dig. In her sole sex scene, Latifah makes out with a lamp. To hear Haddish tell it, Pinkett Smith told Haddish that she and husband Will Smith might tag along on a Groupon swamp tour. Lire la suite »

Zim opposition MDC accuses ruling Zanu-PF of thuggery, violence

On Tuesday night, unidentified assailants burned down a bar in Harare owned by Elias Mudzuri, the deputy president of Zimbabwe's main opposition party, MDC-T. The armed men and arsonists who attacked VP Mudzuri's bar and vandalised Cllr. Janjazi's house in Kuwadzana are, without a shadow of doubt, State agents. Lire la suite »

Kingsman 2 se dévoile dans une nouvelle bande-annonce explosive


Kingsman, l'élite du renseignement britannique en costume trois pièces, fait face à une menace sans précédent . Les personnages semblent prêts à relever les nouveaux challenges qui les attendent. Les deux services d'élite vont alors devoir unir leurs forces pour sauver le monde. Le timing n'est pas anodin puisque l'équipe du film sera présente dans quelques heures sur l'une des scènes du Comic-Con pour répondre aux questions des visiteurs. Lire la suite »

'Dunkirk' is too good a movie to be truly great

The mesmerizing film is based on historical events and realistically portrays war, rescue, courage, desperation, fear, and bravery. Then you will sorely feel the lack of it. Nolan has designed this film to transport you to the past, and he succeeds in that. (No one carries a letter from a beloved in their inside pocket, for example.) It is courageous, and even admirable, but if you are fond of an emotional core? 'There were a couple of emotional bits but I didn't know if I was allowed to ... Lire la suite »

SDCC: New image from the Saw sequel Jigsaw


Jigsaw is set to be released in the USA on October 27th and will most likely arrive here on the same weekend. Series producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules are returning for the new movie. But's still full of good fun gore, that's for sure. This was soon followed by an October 2017 release date and the inevitable return of the actor Tobin Bell , who has played the character of Jigsaw in every movie despite actually dying in Saw 3. Lire la suite »

Can this puppy really be green?


Back in 2014 Time Magazine posted about another green puppy, born in the United Kingdom, it's, apparently, caused by a green bile pigment in the placenta. "We noticed one of them had green fur - we couldn't believe it!" Sutherland says Forest's green coat already began to fade and is expected to be completely gone in a matter of time . Lire la suite »

A change of Heart… calendar swaps pin-ups for Queen RuPaul


The brand has enlisted Annie Leibowitz to shoot the women that inspire her and Peter Lindbergh to photograph older actresses with minimal makeup and retouching . "It is about all creeds, all colors, all sizes and people just living their truths". "Inclusivity is more part of the conversation than it has ever been before, but it goes far beyond black and white", Enninful told the Times . Lire la suite »

CANCELLED: Olly Murs concert at Powderham on July 29


Cornish fans of Olly Murs are devastated after a shock announcement was made informing them that he will not be coming to the South West after all next weekend. "Although it's out of my control I'm still so sorry and hope that I can get to see you all soon". At the time of writing, Olly Murs and his team have yet to comment on the cancellations. Lire la suite »

Ontarians pay highest rates in Canada for hydro, study shows


According to the report, which was released on Thursday, the average Toronto residential hydro bill is $60 more per month than the national average. The conservative think tank the Fraser Institute says StatsCan numbers show electricity prices rose 71 per cent in Ontario since 2008, a number which is more than double the national average increase of 34 per cent. Lire la suite »

Why William and Kate have been given extra security on royal tour


Prince George and Princess Charlotte were given teddy bears with their names embroidered on them. The royal children were smartly dressed, with the future king in a shirt and shorts and his sister wearing a summer dress. Victoria Murphy, royal correspondent for the Mirror , who has been in Poland, said: "I have covered a lot of royal tours and I can't think of another one where the security presence has been as visible". Lire la suite »

Ann Coulter Claims Delta Changed Her Seat For Political Reasons


Coulter, however, claimed that Delta was "lying so much" during an appearance on Tuesday's edition of " Fox and Friends ", and reiterated that she has yet to hear an explanation - or obtain an apology - from the airline. Delta Air Lines has not commented on Coulter's text message reveal. "Additionally, your insults about our other customers and employees are unacceptable and unnecessary". Lire la suite »