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Investigators find weapons stash at Champs-Elysees attacker's home

Leonard Odihe said he saw officers break into the vehicle, pull the man out and throw two weapons on the ground, "a big pistol and another big arm like the weapons police carry". There were no injuries or casualties among police officers or passers-bys. A spokesman for the French interior ministry, Pierre-Henry Brandet, said the driver's auto exploded as he tried to ram a police vehicle. Lire la suite »

How Will Corinne & DeMario's Scandal Affect 'Bachelor in Paradise'?


The 30-year-old, who has been at the center of a scandal with fellow contestant Corinne Olympios , is "focusing on himself" after misconduct allegations prompted the show's producers to suspend filming earlier this month. "Production on this season of Bachelor in Paradise will be resuming, and we plan to implement certain changes to the show's policies and procedures to enhance and further ensure the safety and security of all participants". Lire la suite »

2018 class for Hollywood Walk of Fame stars announced


While it seems like it would be easy to get a star once you have a successful career, there are a few rules for the entire process. " We call it the 'Springsteen policy ,'" Hollywood Walk of Fame producer Ana Martinez told the New York Daily News . Lire la suite »

Josh Duhamel on 'Transformers: The Last Knight' and Training with Navy SEALs

His Decepticon rival Megatron is nowhere to be seen and a law has been passed making the Transformers illegal (no, do not expect Bay to be making any trenchant political statements about refugees and immigrants here). Fortunately, one of those early Transformers has given Merlin a world-saving staff, which only Vivian Wembley ( Laura Haddock , styled to look like an English Megan Fox) can use, according to Hopkins's wise academic, who's accompanied everywhere by a bargain-basement C-3PO ... Lire la suite »

Korea Tests Rocket Engine, Possibly For ICBM

The North has also pledged to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile that could deliver a nuclear warhead to the continental United States. One US official told Reuters the test may have taken place in the last 24 hours. South Korea considered sharing some events at the Seoul 1988 Olympics with the North, but talks broke down and the North boycotted the Games. However, experts say Pyongyang could still be years away from have a reliable ICBM capability. Lire la suite »

Parsing through the details of the GOP's health care bill

The bill would create a new system of federal tax credits to help people buy health insurance, while offering states the ability to drop numerous benefits required by the ACA. Sens. Ted Cruz , Ron Johnson , Rand Paul , Mike Lee said publicly on Thursday that they are not ready to vote for the bill as is, although they are open to negotiations to change it. Lire la suite »

Matt Mitrione stops Fedor Emelianenko after double knockdown


Wow - they both land right hands at the same time and knock each other to the mat! Big win for Mitrione then, but for Fedor this surely must signal the end of what's proven to be an ill-advised late-career comeback that's only served to prove that his chin has now sadly deserted him. Lire la suite »

Was terrified of Michael Bay, says Josh Duhamel

Actor Josh Duhamel has starred in all but one film in the money-minting Transformers franchise - the previous installment, Transformers: Age of Extinction . He can take any premise, no matter how outlandish, and make you believe it to be not only plausible, but the most important thing in this world. We know who you are. Lire la suite »

NJ college: Professor fired for racially insensitive remarks


She addressed the matter during a public meeting Tuesday with school officials, but was soon fired. The college's president, Anthony Munroe , announced the decision Friday, two weeks after Durden went on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to discuss an "all-black Memorial Day celebration" hosted by a Black Lives Matter group. Lire la suite »

Blac Chyna Placed in Ambulance After Being Rear Ended in Los Angeles


She was deemed stable enough that she did not need to be transported to a hospital and was picked up from the scene by a friend in another vehicle. "Police did a sobriety test on driver who was a white female". MORE: Rob Kardashian Reunites With Blac Chyna and Baby Dream for Father's Day at Disneyland - See the Cute Pics! Neither of her children were present during the accident. Lire la suite »

South Korea investigating North Korea rocket engine test


Pyongyang tested a new rocket engine that can be installed on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), Fox News reported on Thursday, citing unnamed United States officials. "We've said many times that China is making unremitting efforts to resolve the Korean peninsula nuclear issue, and plays an active and constructive role", he said. Lire la suite »

Alysia Montano participates in race being 5 months pregnant


Alysia Montano running the 800m race pregnant Wearing wonder Woman sports gear. "It is the most lovely part about me being a track and field athlete with the platform I have, I feel so responsible to be a representative for people who don't have a safe platform or voice that I do". Lire la suite »

Let's talk: Is this swimsuit inappropriate?


I have never really witnessed sexual harassment and/or " rape culture " until today with Smoky Crossing Apartments. "I would never make her or any other woman feel less than what she's worth because of her outfit or her looks". "I've never seen my fiancée embarrassed to the point where she can't even look her best friends in the face". The worst part, Jenkins said, "was when she told me, 'There are a lot of teenage boys in this complex, and you don't need to be exciting them'". Lire la suite »

Trump state visit left out of Queen's Speech


Instead, the Conservatives lost seats and May still hasn't secured a deal with another party to insure Parliament will back the government's agenda. Usually, the Queen's speech mentions planned state visits, reported The Telegraph . Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn denounced the speech, arguing that May had delivered a "threadbare" program devoid of new ideas. Britain's Queen Elizabeth's crown is carried into the State Opening of Parliament in central London , Britain June 21, 2017. Lire la suite »

Safaree Allegedly Jumped by Meek Mill's Crew


Let's get it done", The Game said . Well, there's no love lost between Safaree Samuels and Meek Mill . You act like you the hardest n-a on this planet. "We just grew apart". Samuels and Mill, of course, have a history of beefing. He said that he and his ex never signed any contract before they agreed to collaborate on the album, trusting that it won't be necessary due to their relationship, but he insisted that he should have been paid nevertheless. Lire la suite »

Female police officer seriously injured in Jerusalem attack

The PFLP said its two attackers were relatives who were both former prisoners in Israeli jails. Israeli forces shot three Palestinians dead in response to the assault. The three papers said police shot and killed three Palestinians, all teenagers from the village of Deir Abu Mishal, near Ramallah. Netanyahu is also considering making the area around the flashpoint Damascus Gate, where the attacks took place, a "sterile zone" that bans Palestinian entries, according to the statement. Lire la suite »

Jeremy Corbyn Overtakes Theresa May in UK Popularity Ratings

When asked who make the best prime minister, the YouGov poll for The Times showed 35 percent of voters would prefer Corbyn, while 34 percent favoured May. "Yes, the £10 an hour living wage, real living wage, is correct and also should apply to all workers, because I don't think young people eat less than old people - that's my experience anyway". Lire la suite »

Ward leads record American challenge at Royal Ascot


And we are putting blinkers on him for the first time to sharpen him up. "I'll let them enjoy the win and wait for the dust to settle but I'll be hoping to have a more serious chat about the Everest shortly". The distance of 2½ miles - most Cup races are two miles - lends itself to a stamina-laden specialist, and last year's victor, Order Of St George, will be a warm order to join the likes of Royal Rebel, Kayf Tara, Drum Taps, Sadeem, Gildoran, Ardross, and Le Moss. Lire la suite »

Bill Cosby shouts 'Fat Albert' phrase 'Hey, hey, hey' while leaving court


Before he sent them back to the hotel (where the Pittsburgh-based jurors are being sequestered) around 9:30 p.m. ET, on Tuesday , O'Neill commiserated with them about their fatigue . Cosby made during a deposition in the civil case settled in 2006 between the comedian and Ms. Constand. Cosby's lawyer has said the two were lovers sharing a consensual sexual encounter. Lire la suite »

Bill Cosby's attorney says he is anxious about entertainer's health

The trial of Cosby, who lives on a compound in Shelburne, began June 5 and was in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. 'How do I describe the district attorney? Callan noted the defense will soon be able to access a full transcript of all the prosecution witness testimony to try to highlight inconsistencies. Lire la suite »

Les Français boudent les urnes — Législatives


Alors qu'il espérait encore il y a quelques mois, une cinquantaine de sièges de députés, le Front national (FN) a largement revu ses ambitions à la baisse et a obtenu 13,2% de voix au premier tour, score inférieur à celui de la présidentielle. Lire la suite »

More Americans Believe Comey Over Trump

President Donald Trump and his associates are trying to draw attention to the relationship between special counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey . Mr. Trump said "there's been no collusion, no obstruction, and virtually everybody agrees to that", and he added that some of Mr. Mueller's legal team had supported Hillary Clinton. Lire la suite »

Amazing!: Bette Midler's Tony Awards Speech Was Literally Everything

The actor was poking fun at Midler who, after winning Best Actress in a Musical , disregarded her playoff music and kept right on talking. It's not that she just kept going, she stopped her speech for about 1/2 a second, and said, "Shut that crap off!" TWO PRESIDENTS: Host Kevin Spacey managed to portray two US leaders in one telecast — former president Bill Clinton and Frank Underwood, the fictional president he plays on Netflix's political thriller " House of Cards ". Lire la suite »