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US and allies vague on evidence linking Syrian forces to chemical attack

19 Avril 2018

The United States, France and Britain have said their airstrikes on Syria were a response to a reported chemical attack in a rebel-held Damascus suburb.

The demand was made by Ambassador to Holland and Permanent Representative of India to OPCW Venu Rajamony at the 58th Meeting of the Executive Council of the OPCW convened on Monday to discuss allegations regarding use of chemical weapons in Douma, Syria. He said any use of chemical weapons is in complete disregard of humanity, and is reprehensible and contrary to the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention as well as accepted international norms.

The commander said the new offensive would target Islamic State and Nusra Front militants in Yarmouk camp and al-Hajar al-Aswad district.

The attack preceded rather than followed any international effort to verify what happened in Douma and who might be responsible for it, Freeman noted. The operation was carried out under the OPCW's watch.

The scene now has been cleaned up, and when the OPCW inspectors finally make it into Douma, Doane says they'll find that not only time has passed, but plenty of people, too.

The heated session ended after 140 MPs spoke, but the matter was far from closed.

Friends of Israel should be grateful to Trump for discarding the foreign-policy establishment's warnings about recognizing Jerusalem as the Jewish state's capital, and for ending Obama's policy of trying to put "daylight" between America and its sole democratic ally.

He spoke at the European parliament on Tuesday, showing signs of anger and sometimes almost shouting.

"We are considering additional sanctions on Russia and a decision will be made in the near future", White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

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"Last night, a false alarm that Syrian air space had been penetrated triggered the blowing of air defence sirens and the firing of several missiles", a military source told state news agency SANA."There was no external attack on Syria", the source added.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday defended his use of the phrase "mission accomplished" over the U.S. -led missile strikes on Syrian targets after it was seized on by the media. On the same grounds, Corbyn argued that the UK should "arrogate themselves the right" to intervene against Saudi Arabia's bombing of Yemen, which has been branded the "world's worst humanitarian crisis". Syria was different. Assad had Russia and Iran to fall back on - allies, which Saddam and Gaddafi lacked.

Syrian government troops have shot down missiles fired at two airbases in the country, according to state TV.

"The better U.S. strategy is to. turn Syria into the Ayatollah's Vietnam".

De Bretton-Gordon said both chlorine and sarin gas - the weapons the U.S. says were used in Douma on April 7 - dissipate quickly in open air, so inspectors will likely focus on obtaining biological medical samples from the victims to try and prove or disprove the presence of those toxins.

Damascus and Moscow have broadcast statements from hospital workers in Douma - which medical aid groups operating in rebel areas have dismissed as propaganda - saying that no chemical attack took place.

MPs were split on whether the PM was right to deny them a vote on the military intervention. "It followed that this month with penalties against Mr. Putin's inner circle, singling out some of Russia's richest men and top government officials".

The pro-government commander said the army had prepared for military action in the Eastern Qalamoun, but that Russia was working on securing the rebels' withdrawal without a battle.

US and allies vague on evidence linking Syrian forces to chemical attack