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Arsenal fan overacts to Alexandre Lacazette's miss vs Tottenham

11 Février 2018

Alexandre Lacazette missed two late chances for Arsenal. They just couldn't find the space, the link-up play, anything.

However, after a period in which Spurs have faced Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal, seven points out of a possible nine represents a remarkable return. That's a discussion for another article, though. His runs were superb and he put himself in positions where he could change the game. Arsenal's troubles with the Spurs' offside trap brought the linesman's flag out six times. One, a volley, was thumped over the net and the other, a through ball, eeked wide of the far post. Yet, Lacazette was benched and we did not get to see the much-discussed front four in action together.

The question now, though, is what happens next. Two elite strikers who expect to play, having cost more than £100million in total to buy, and a system that can only accommodate one.

Saturday's performance suggested that Arsenal are way off the required pace. One goal in his last thirteen matches is unacceptable by his standards. The trouble is that Arsenal does defend well either.

He has a choice. Aubameyang was preferred last week, scoring on a lively debut against Everton, and started ahead of Lacazette again in the North London derby. Reuniting him with Henrikh Mkhitaryan, an unexpected windfall from the tawdry Alexis Sanchez affair, was an enticing prospect.

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Normally so meticulous, Wenger was forced to act on the hoof during a turbulent transfer window for Arsenal. It was not too late by then but a draw would have embarrassed Wenger and his men. His past few games, when he was still starting regularly, he had gotten sloppy. He had an impressive record but had never played outside of France before and maybe there was a reason that it had taken this long for somebody to stump up the necessary cash for him.

You could say that his trajectory was a bit negative.

Ferdinand played in an era when you'd be nursing serious war wounds after an encounter against Arsenal, but he feels that is not the case anymore.

Arsenal fan overacts to Alexandre Lacazette's miss vs Tottenham