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Donald Trump's first year even worse than I anticipated - Samantha Power

20 Janvier 2018

As McConnell noted in frustration Wednesday, he can't orchestrate passage of an immigration bill unless he knows what Trump is willing to sign.

First, he has sought crippling budget cuts for the institutions that the US government uses to exercise non-military influence overseas. From the world's perspective, what is unnerving is the way the Trump administration has contributed to the decline in America's global leadership, a steadying presence since 1945. Trump used his inaugural address to frame US foreign policy as a giveaway to an ungrateful world, and to call for a more narrowly nationalistic approach to American statecraft.

Mr Trump is now viewed as the antithesis of the spirit of that era.

His tweets have the power to shape international relations, send stock prices up - or down - and galvanize the American public.

The Obama's have spent much time in Chicago where the foundation is located, spending time nurturing young politicians and teaching the importance of civic engagement.

Rather than acknowledge defeat, show a modicum of class and dignity, and quietly access their method of delivering the news, the militant left - with some not-so-subtle prodding from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - began a relentless series of attacks on President Trump which most rational people have deemed unfounded and without merit, if not pure fabrication. A new report found that the president's recent trips cost more than $3 million.

Trump "sort of crossed a little bit of a line", explained Baquet, and what he said "was just demonstrably a lie". In fact, his long history of racism is well documented, going all the way back to the 1970s, when he and his father were sued by the Justice Department - Richard Nixon's Justice Department, no less - for refusing to rent apartments to African-Americans. It can be made better. Cornyn, I respect him a lot, but he needs to get 60 votes. A lot of people on my side say what's the urgency.

Matthew Dallek, a political historian and associate professor at George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management, pointed out that Obama wasn't necessarily alone in breaking with the quiet deference that presidential successors typically extend to the acting president.

Le nouvel entraîneur est Gustavo Poyet — Girondins de Bordeaux
Gustavo Poyet arrivera avec son staff dès la semaine prochaine, dont un ancien joueur bordelais Fernando Menegazzo , pour prendre en mains les destinés des Girondins.

"There's a difference between that normal functioning of politics and certain issues or certain moments where I think our core values may be at stake", Obama said. That is pure racism - and the Republican Party, which traces its heritage to Abraham Lincoln, must decide whether to go along.

Even Gerald Ford was in the high 40s after 12 months in office, according to Gallup, following his politically radioactive pardon of predecessor Richard Nixon for the Watergate scandal.

The White House and Congress have attempted to negotiate a means to enact legislation providing similar protections, but no final agreement has been reached.

Some senators thought the bipartisan proposal presented to Trump met the president's immigration demands. Put yourself in their shoes.

Numerous companies have passed benefits onto their workers and donated to charitable causes as a result of the GOP tax reform. But there is everything racist about the white ethnocentric theory of American identity that Trump champions with remarkable frankness.

Trump is incapable of growing into the job; if anything, he is becoming more erratic. When Trump says he wants to bar Haitians and Africans, he aims to admit fewer black people.

Repealing the mandate could prompt healthier Americans to skip insurance, driving up premiums for sicker customers.