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Yorkshire woman due before Egyptian court on drug smuggling charge

26 Décembre 2017

The painkillers are legal in the United Kingdom but banned in Egypt. "She's answered some questions wrong because she's not understanding them, she obviously can't think straight".

Laura Plummer, from Hull, became so upset that the judge was forced to adjourn the hearing, her sister Rachel has said.

She said their mother Roberta Sinclair, who travelled to the country for the hearing, and Mr Caboo were denied access to the hearing as their driver was running late.

The woman's family maintains she was taking the tablets for her Egyptian partner Omar Caboo, who suffers from severe back pain, and described her as "naive".

She said Plummer has had to withstand bad conditions in a communal cell with no beds, sharing with up to 25 other women, and looked "unrecognisable".

Osman said that he objected openly in court on Monday to the way that Plummer's statement was handled.

Roberta added her daughter now looks "unrecognisable". "I sat with Laura and informed her that she has to protest against [the mistranslation] tomorrow, and to make this clear in the minutes of the trial session".

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He continued: "The main judge demanded that a member of the bench ask Laura whether she traded or dealt in narcotics".

Karl Turner, the MP for Hull East, praised Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's efforts in dealing with the case after Foreign Minister Alastair Burt flew to Egypt to speak to his counterparts.

"Unfortunately ministers can only do so much, the judiciary in Egypt is independent and impartial and the judge will come to a view without any outside influence", Turner said. She reportedly signed a 38-page document written in Arabic she believed would free her.

It led to her being locked up and she has already spent ten weeks in prison sharing a 15ft square cell with 25 women inmates.

Her family has been told that she could face up to 25 years in jail, with one lawyer even mentioning the death penalty.

Plummer was arrested on arrival at Hurghada airport on 9 October after a scan of her bags revealed she was carrying a large supply of Tramadol.

While drug smuggling carries a death sentence in Egypt, it is more likely Miss Plummer could be jailed for seven years if convicted.

Yorkshire woman due before Egyptian court on drug smuggling charge