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Principale » Donald Trump wishes a happy Kwanzaa to those celebrating

Donald Trump wishes a happy Kwanzaa to those celebrating

26 Décembre 2017

The seven-night-festival celebrates African-American and Pan-African culture.

The holiday is not widely celebrated, according to a 2012 Public Policy Polling poll, which found that just four percent of Americans primarily celebrate Kwanzaa.

LOUIS, Mo. _Today is the first day of Kwanzaa.

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It has been the backdrop of events from state arrival ceremonies and Marine One departures and arrivals to Easter Egg Rolls. The west leader, on the other hand, could possibly be saved for a time, but will eventually succumb to the same fate.

In 2013, Karenga summed up the meaning of the holiday at an event in Rochester, New York, saying "the celebration of Kwanzaa is about embracing ethical principles and the goodness of the world can be shared and enjoyed by us and everyone". The holiday is marked by 7 days of candle lighting to celebrate the 7 principles of the holiday, which CNN notes are "unity (umoja), self-determination (kujichagulia), collective responsibility (ujima), cooperative economics (ujamaa), objective (nia), creativity (kuumba) and faith (imani)". On day one the candle represents Umoja, unity for family, nation and race.

Pronounced "kwahn-zuh", the term - which you can spell Kwanzaa or Kwanza - comes from the Swahili phrase "matunda ya kwanza", which means "first fruits".

During the holiday season, Trump has argued he made it OK to wish people a "Merry Christmas" again. Then, on the final day of the holiday, New Year's Day, gifts are exchanged between parents and children, or all who wish to participate.

Donald Trump wishes a happy Kwanzaa to those celebrating