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Nintendo Switch To Surpass Initial Sales of PS2 In Japan

25 Décembre 2017

Sales are so strong that figures indicate that the Switch is about to overtake the PS2 in terms of first-year sales in the territory. So that you have a more concrete idea of the data, Switch is about to surpass the initial sales of PS2 in Japan, considered to be the most successful console in history. Coming from sales numbers via Famitsu, the Switch (as of December 17) has sold about 2,988,399 units in Japan since the launch of the console earlier this year in March.

Of course, this implies to the great success of the Nintendo console. This is due to its high sales levels, which reached nearly 160 million consoles worldwide. The first column corresponds to the sales of PlayStation 2 and the second to those of Switch. So, Switch is only 28,223 systems to overcome the PlayStation 2 brand. It's estimated that the Nintendo Switch will beat this record before March, especially with the arrival of the Christmas season.

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Of course, this does not guarantee that Switch will surpass the worldwide sales of PlayStation 2. Globally, the console sold almost 160 Million Units across its lifespan, certainly not a record to scoff at.

Unlike the Xbox One and PS4 which experienced huge price drops for Black Friday, Nintendo made a decision to sell the Switch at MSRP. Among them is with the 2017 Black Friday promotional period that saw Nintendo Switch outselling the Xbox One and the Sony PS4.

Nintendo Switch To Surpass Initial Sales of PS2 In Japan