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Quiet for months, London's Big Ben bell chimes again

24 Décembre 2017

Big Ben's chimes were silenced in August because of repairs being made to the Elizabeth Tower, but the work won't take place over Christmas, so the bells can be restored. Big Ben resumed its bonging at 9am this morning, just in time for the festive period.

Steve Jaggs, Keeper of the Great Clock, said: 'The joyful striking of Big Ben will ring in the festive season for Londoners, visitors, and the millions of viewers who use it as a focal point to celebrate the New Year.

The £61m conservation project includes the fix of the tower, which houses the Great Clock, and its bell. They did chime shortly to mark Armistice Day in November, but the iconic Big Ben will now be ringing until 1pm on New Year's Day.

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News that the bell would be silenced for four years for the work was greeted with dismay in some quarters. The clock has been in operation for 157 years, BBC.

Whilst the clock mechanism is temporarily out of action, a modern electric motor will drive the hands until it is reinstated, according to officials.

Quiet for months, London's Big Ben bell chimes again