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Star Trek: Bridge Crew now playable without VR

22 Décembre 2017

Until now, only players using VR hardware could play the game. Bridge Crew update is taking the game and making it playable without VR.

We've asked Ubisoft if an Xbox One release is now planned, given the news. Still, VR is a niche gaming mechanic and not many had the ability to play the game, until now. However, on the bright side, perhaps this will be the influx of new players the game needs to stay active in terms of multiplayer. Originally released back in May, the game has become the subject of plenty of hilarious video depicting failing (or winning) crews, and has done well among fans of the show who want to immerse themselves in it.

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The update makes some graphical improvements and incorporates "enhanced" support for Windows Mixed Reality, but the elimination of the VR requirement is obviously the big move here. The game is developed by Red Storm Entertainment, a Ubisoft development studio.

The multiplayer starship simulator Star Trek: Bridge Crew sounds pretty great, but as we pointed out in our hands-on with it earlier this year, coming up with the three VR-equipped friends needed to play the thing is a real challenge for most of us.