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'Pitch Perfect 3' sends series out on bum note

22 Décembre 2017

Pitch Perfect 3 is rated PG.

But it doesn't matter because the frothy charms of the first two films have been equalled and possibly even bettered by Pitch Perfect 3.

Back in 2012, the perky story about a college a cappella group was a charming, fresh, amusing hit. Also, While critics embraced the two previous "Pitch Perfect" films, with 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes for the first film and 65 percent for the sequel, they panned this final installment with just 28 percent.

The Bellas are now out of college and doing their own thing. She's living in NY with her roomies, Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and Chloe (Brittany Snow), and none of their lives are as fun-filled as they were when they were in college, singing David Guetta songs. Here the Bellas find they are competing with a trio of traditional bands to be the opening act for DJ Khaled (playing himself).

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At one point, the writers looked at each other and had the conversation that they needed to shake things up, so "Pitch Perfect 3" is obviously overstuffed with nonsense subplots to make it all seem a bit more daring.

"Pitch Perfect 3" mostly plays out like those that came before it, making the Bellas the punch-line of these competitions, until they suddenly rise above.

The cast remains in high spirits, even if the Wilson character has gone from scene-stealer to grating and repetitive. At least openly offensive and misogynistic broadcast journalist John (John Michael Higgins) along with his partner Gail (Elizabeth Banks) return to film a documentary on the falling out of popularity performers as they make for some of the film's funniest jokes yet again, but it really isn't worth getting everyone together one last time for mediocrity.

"Pitch Perfect 3" is said to be the end of the Bellas and one could only hope because these movies have become the cinematic version of lip-syncing.