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OH governor signs Down syndrome abortion ban

22 Décembre 2017

OH on Friday became the fourth state to ban abortions performed after a prenatal test shows the fetus has or might have Down syndrome.

Republican Gov. John Kasich signed the legislation into law on Friday, leading into a long holiday weekend. reported that under the law, which will go into effect in March, a doctor who performs an abortion and was aware of a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis "could be charged with a fourth-degree felony, punishable by up to 18 months in prison". The bill was signed roughly one year after Kasich vetoed the "heartbeat bill", which would have banned abortions after about six weeks gestation, and signed another bill restricting abortions after about 20 weeks. There is no punishment for the woman who seeks the abortion. This makes OH the third state to pass such a law. The legislation was found unconstitutional in IN, and North Dakota's 2013 ban is not enforced because the state's sole abortion clinic does not perform the procedure after 16 weeks gestation. Pregnant women involved in such procedures won't be penalized.

"Each day countless Ohioans participate in daily fantasy sports", Dever said, "House Bill 132 assures that these participants are protected under the law, while increasing the accountability of fantasy sports operators".

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Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life, said in a statement that since the legislation has been signed into law, "unborn babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are given a shot at life".

However, opponents say the ban is one of many passed in recent years to make abortion less accessible in OH, that it shames women and that it will prevent them from having honest conversations with their doctors following a Down syndrome diagnosis.

Kasich's action was a victory for the anti-abortion group Ohio Right to Life, which argued it will prevent discrimination based on misinformation. "And instead exploits them as part of a larger anti-choice strategy to systematically make all abortion care illegal".

OH governor signs Down syndrome abortion ban