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Gallup: Hillary Clinton's favorability rating hits new low

20 Décembre 2017

In a new Gallup poll released on Tuesday, the favorability rating of former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton hit its lowest point since Gallup began tracking it over 25 years ago.

The former first lady also reached a new high disapproval rating of 61 percent.

Clinton's unpopularity rivals Trump's, whose favorability rating remains around 40 percent, a record low for presidents at the end of their first year.

Gallup said, in the past, candidates who have lost the presidential elections were able to boost their public image after the loss. New York Democratic Sen.

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The Gallup poll comes as President Donald Trump continues to receive low marks in public opinion surveys compared to his modern predecessors at this point in their presidencies. A CNN poll released on Tuesday placed Trump's approval rating at 35 per cent, the worst rating the President has received in its polling.

Nearly a full year into Trump's presidency, Gallup found his favorability rating was higher than his former Democratic opponent, with 41% of respondents in a December poll rating Trump favorably compared to his 56% seeing him unfavorably.

The current results are based on a December 4-11 Gallup poll.