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Tillerson Rips Rumors of His Resignation as 'Ridiculous'

19 Décembre 2017

We've had a number of meetings already this year, so I look forward to continuing that discussion. As Tillerson finished speaking, a reporter quickly moved in to ask "have you already submitted a letter of resignation with an effective date in January?"

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is rumored to be on his way out the door.

QUESTION: Bonjour, Monsieur Secretary.

Tillerson said the question was "ridiculous" and ended the briefing.

Tillerson's problem is that it wasn't a ridiculous question. In Washington and foreign capitals around the world, Tillerson is seen as a dead man walking, one who doesn't speak for Trump and doesn't have the president's trust and backing.

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The Tillerson death watch has been going on for months (something we've talked about repeatedly on our podcast, Worldly).

Donald Trump and his secretary of state seem to disagree on pretty much everything important, from how to handle the North Korean stand-off and the Iran nuclear deal to American participation in the Paris climate accord. Tillerson reportedly insulted Trump's intelligence over the summer, and there have been more recent signs that the president isn't likely to keep Tillerson in his cabinet forever.

The New York Times said in late November the White House had developed a plan to force Tillerson out and replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

"That's ridiculous", Tillerson replied, according to a transcript posted by CNN. Until it does, the French reporter won't be the last journalist to quiz Tillerson about his job security.

Tillerson Rips Rumors of His Resignation as 'Ridiculous'