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Govt to launch long-term CPEC plan

19 Décembre 2017

Ahsan Iqbal said that the long term plan would expand the scope of cooperation in various new areas, including cooperation in social sectors along with economic fields.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of CPEC Long Term Plan, the minister said in 2013 Pakistan was facing many challenges including power crisis, crash of stock exchange, economic challenges and poor law and order situation.

The long-term CPEC plan was announced at a ceremony in Islamabad on December 18.

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal remarked that it has become necessary for Pakistan to follow China's economic vision.

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"He said that CPEC was a national plan approved by the both the Chinese and Pakistan government". "It will effectively match relevant national plans of China as well as Pakistan Vision 2025", he added.

"This plan is effective until 2030, the short-term projects included will be considered by up to 2020; medium-term project up to 2025 and long-term projects up to 2030" he added. It was China that showed a positive gesture and supported the falling economy by bringing in about 46 billion US dollars investment in the form of CPEC, he said.

Ahsan said CPEC identified four areas including energy, Gwadar Port development, infrastructure and industrial cooperation, in the first phase the government focused on connectivity especially construction of new highways along three accesses to western route, central route and eastern route of the CPEC, he added.

Praising the neighbouring country for investing in Pakistan at a time when others were shelving businesses in the country, he said, "China had invested over $ 50 billion when other countries were not interested to make any investment".

Govt to launch long-term CPEC plan