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Rainbrow lets you game with your eyebrows

18 Décembre 2017

Nathan Gitter, a computer science graduate from Washington University has released Rainbrow, an arcade game for iPhone X which can be controlled by eyebrows.

A freaky new mobile game for Apple's flagship iPhone X is literally raising eyebrows, by requiring players to use their face as the controller. The players need to avoid the emoji obstacles like vehicle, basketballs and ducks. It is to be noted that if a player will raise their eyebrows, and keep them raised, the emoji will continue to move in an upwards direction, and vice verse when maintaining a frown. The longer you last, the more obstacles begin to appear.

The game, released on Friday, is now single-player only, although Gitter told the site that he may integrate Apple's Game Centre in order to allow for multiplayer options such as a global scoreboard.

The game is available exclusively for the £999 iPhone X, which is the only smartphone in Apple's range that boasts facial recognition technology, the website adds.

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After installing Rainbrow, users will get a prompt which asks for permission to access the front-facing camera.

Rainbrow's privacy policy says that depth data is collected only for gameplay purposes, and only stored on the device locally for the duration of a game session.

It's a free game with no in-app purchases, though there's no saying if the developer may add that later.

Rainbrow lets you game with your eyebrows