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Cuphead appears on App Store for iPhone & iPad

18 Décembre 2017

Whilst the game is actually somewhat playable, it is a stolen port of the desktop game and should not be downloaded.

Cuphead is perhaps one of the most promising indie platformer in recent years and when it silently launched today on the iOS App Store, I was tempted enough to make an article on it. Unfortunatley, as it turns out, the launch of the game was not official and instead it was all an elaborate fake by someone who had managed to port the game to iOS. The game was listed for $4.99, and many fans were thrilled with the idea of being able to take the game on the go.

Fake apps have certainly appeared on the App Store before.

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We've reached out to Apple for comment, and will update this story if and when they provide it. We have found several more faked websites cloning real games that follow the same pattern, advertising a non-existent iOS version of a popular desktop game with confusing trademark-infringing domain names. Here is the fake imposter website: Apparently the person who put the app on the app store in the first place is someone who has done the same thing for other games, so remain vigilant when buying anything that hasn't received any prior announcement from official sources and that has a lower-than-normal price. We've never seen a scam app of this level of quality before, and the precedent this sets is honestly quite scary. It's just not Cuphead. It was a major success for the companies first game and the rest is history. For now, be warned that despite what the store page says, this isn't an official port of one of Xbox's best games. Until then, you can see it for yourself on iTunes.

We're going to be reevaluating how we handle posting about new games to avoid this happening again in the future, and hopefully everyone sticks with us while we come up with new ways to filter out these sorts of shockingly sophisticated scams while still providing up to the second coverage of new games on the App Store.