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China: Thousands watch as 10 people sentenced to death

18 Décembre 2017

They were executed immediately after the verdicts were handed down in Luffen Prefecture in southern Guangdong province (Canton), 160 km from Hong Kong, state media reported. The accused were brought to the stadium on the back of police trucks with their sirens blaring, each person flanked by four officers wearing sunglasses.

The footage showed armed soldiers guarding the venue as the criminals, convicted of manslaughter, burglary and drug-related crimes, were sent up onto a raised platform, one by one, to hear their sentences read out via a loudspeaker. Thousands watched the spectacle, with some reports saying students in their school uniforms attended. It is unclear what happened to the other two people.

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China executes more every year than the rest of the world combined, though the exact figure is not published and considered to be a state secret. According to unofficial data previous year, about 2,000 people were executed in China.

China maintained the death penalty of non-violent offences, like economic crimes and drug trafficking. The trend to reintroduce open-air sentencing trials is reminiscent of the early days of the People's Republic, when capitalists and landowners were publicly denounced. Eight people were sentenced to death for drug crimes and summarily executed five months ago in a similar public trial, according to state media. Ten received a death sentence, ...

China: Thousands watch as 10 people sentenced to death