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What is Looking Glass. : firefox

17 Décembre 2017

While other companies have graced this space for breaking user trust, collecting data, and introducing keyloggers, Mozilla has largely remained safe from all these altercations.

The extension, called Looking Glass, is meant to promote an augmented reality game to "further your immersion into the Mr Robot universe", according to Mozilla. Much of Firefox's popularity is due to the perception that Mozilla is more focused on user choice and privacy than Google and its leading Google Chrome browser. While it was a benign marketing campaign by the company, several users assumed they had downloaded malware.

"I did not remember installing this addon, I would not knowingly install it. Firefox, Antivirus and OS are all up-to-date".

Without an explanation included with the extension, users were left digging around in the code for Looking Glass to find answers. Mozilla has confirmed this extension, adding that the users had to discover and then enable it for the game to work, suggesting that no user privacy was breached.

Mozilla took a bit of heat this week after the organization force-installed a Mr. Robot promotional add-on in some Firefox browsers. "Most users are not programmers; most people don't watch Mr Robot; and most people are not going to waste a bunch of time tracking down stupid crap like this", another user wrote on Reddit.

"The Mr. Robot series centers around the theme of online privacy and security. The more people know about what information they are sharing online, the more they can protect their privacy".

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It is unclear what the add-on did, as most users disabled and removed it from Firefox right away.

A version of the "Mr.Robot" plug-in that lacks disclosure information.

It appears that some Mozilla employees aren't happy with this decision as well.

Instead, users were extremely ticked off that Mozilla had the audacity to push a promo add-on without permission in their browsers [1, 2]. While some would call this a small oversight, many are anxious about the Google- or Apple-like direction the company may take.

Based on the details unearthed by affected users, the add-on was developed by Mozilla's Shield Studies program, a platform available on all Firefox channels that gives you a way to test features before they're released.

What is Looking Glass. : firefox