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Google will not show news from sites hiding country of origin

17 Décembre 2017

The company has now prohibited sites that misrepresent or hide their country of origin or are directed at users in another country under false premises. In an update to its Google News guidelines, the company says that it will forbid websites that "misrepresent or hide their country of origin".

Google also allows publishers to file a spam report if they believe that another publisher has violated Google News inclusion guidelines.

Google's war against fake news has been raging for nearly a year now following the ranking of several misleading articles on Google's search results around December 2016. By cracking down on websites that are cheating about their origin and not just those that have fake content, the search giant may just have stepped up the fight against fake news.

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In a new attempt to crack down on fake news, Google has updates its guidelines for its Google News services.

In a statement made to Bloomberg, a Google spokeswoman was quoted as saying, "We update our policies on a regular basis to reflect a constantly changing web and how people look for information online". The result of this is that people will be able to "understand and see where their news online is coming from and that sites are being transparent about their origins".

The move could be of considerable help to people who read news on Google, in knowing the publication's country of origin and understanding whether the website itself could be deceptive in nature.

Google will not show news from sites hiding country of origin