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Charles Barkley has jokes even as he makes $1 million pledge

17 Décembre 2017

Beyond high-profile elections like Moore vs. Jones, Democratic organizations should pour money into local and state elections to see women and POC elected into office. After all, Alabama is deeply Republican, as I noted last weekend. At a September rally, he gave a personal take on the meaning of MAGA: "I think it was great at a time when families were united, even though we had slavery, they cared for one another", he said.

"I just like to have fun", Barkley said.

President Trump's popularity ratings will be a drag on Republicans in the mid-terms.

Meanwhile, it was clear during election returns Tuesday that Black voters would be needed for the Jones victory and that without them, he could not have won.

The splintering of the GOP also played a role in Jones' victory, but it's doubtful another candidate anywhere could engender as much bipartisan animosity as Moore. White men, to probably no one's surprise, had the lowest voting rates for Jones at 26 percent. Flake, who is retiring, had tweeted a picture of his $100 contribution to the Jones campaign. Black women can be counted on to vote their socio-economic interests to include rejection of racism and bigotry, the rights of women and young girls, and the overall right to vote.

"Selma, Alabama turned Alabama into a blue state", declared CNN contributor Bakari Sellers. In fact, 98 percent of the vote of Black women went to Jones, propelling him to be the first Democrat elected to the Senate from Alabama in 25 years. If no recount is ordered, Jones is expected to be seated in the US Senate in early January.

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Several other hedge funds and other institutional investors also recently added to or reduced their stakes in the company. Moreover, Wesbanco Bancshares Incorporated has 0.07% invested in Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) for 32,189 shares.

Influential black Democratic congressman Keith Ellison agreed. And so far, they're proving just that. Black women, however, showed up and showed out in impressive numbers. By doing this, it will enable them to finally exert political power and allow them to extract concession from this cynical party apparatus and a political structure that's grown so inured to the processes that dehumanize black voters, because they ultimately stand to benefit. This senate election is not a unique occurrence.

Trump and several in the party's leadership endorsed Moore, despite the allegations of molestation, and encouraged voters to favor party over morality.

Like Trump, Moore had sought to win through a coalition of evangelical and white voters, betting that bedrock of support would be enough - and would shield him from any political scandal.

Jones has promised civility and to work with Republicans when possible.

"Black women are not the ones that are encouraged and supported and financed to seek those positions", Ketchum said. It's time to start recognizing Black women for their consistent efforts across the board - not just when something big happens.

Both Ryan and Schimel face Democratic challengers next year.

Charles Barkley has jokes even as he makes $1 million pledge