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Samsung Working On New 'Double-Sided' Display Smartphone

14 Décembre 2017

A new patent that was granted to the South Korea tech giant is apparently suggesting that the company could be working on a smartphone with double-sided display. However, the idea of wrapping the display around one side of the phone is an option that Samsung has been considering.

The patent application, a sample from which you can see above, pertains to a smartphone with a display that would wrap around the side of the phone and cover part of the rear.

It's a similar setup to what Meizu recently delivered with the Meizu Pro 7 Plus, though that device had a completely separate rear display, while Samsung's would feature a single screen (whether that would be an advantage or disadvantage we can't say). The Chinese manufacturer launched the series this past July, and its first offering features a secondary display that's located at the back of the handset. Samsung has hundreds of patents and only a handful become actual products.

Samsung Working On New 'Double-Sided' Display Smartphone
Samsung Working On New 'Double-Sided' Display Smartphone

LetsGoDigital is the one, who has reported about Samsung Display patent application. The novel design of a Galaxy Note 9 wraparound display would certainly provide a new release with something that it needs to capture the attention of a finicky market.

As detailed in the sketches from the application, the design employs a standard form factor and presents a two-sided display that wraps around the right edge of the phone. This new technology could also be an evolution of "Edge" technology, which could also lend itself to a release with a Galaxy S line phone.

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Samsung Working On New 'Double-Sided' Display Smartphone