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Principale » Samsung announced new Windows 10 PCs from its Notebook 9 series

Samsung announced new Windows 10 PCs from its Notebook 9 series

14 Décembre 2017

Unlike the other models, the Notebook 9 Pen is made with a premium magnesium aluminum, which makes it lighter than regular aluminum.

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pen offers flexibility and portability with the convertible hinge and S Pen.

This is all the more impressive considering that the "Pen" in this laptop's moniker stands for an included S Pen stylus accessory that's embedded inside the device and works without batteries. When removing the pen, it launches S Pen shortcuts to apps like Samsung Notes and Autodesk Sketchbook. With 6.2mm bezels around the 1080p display, Samsung promises a more immersive experience, and it measures in at just 15.4mm thin.

While Samsung hasn't revealed all of the hardware details yet, it has revealed the changes these 2018 models bring versus the current versions.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen. Image credits Samsung
Samsung Notebook 9 Pen. Image credits Samsung

All of the new devices come with a fingerprint reader for Windows Hello, but the Notebook 9 Pen also includes an IR camera for facial recognition. Both models employ the same Metal12 frame as the Notebook 9 Pen, as well as full HD RealView displays (up to 500 nits and without touch) and Intel Core i7 processors.

All of the new PCs include Intel's new eighth-generation U-series Core i7 processors, which means that they're quad-core and there's going to be a significant boost in performance from the last generation. The company will also include its Samsung Link Sharing transfer tool for sharing things like documents and photos with another device. Both the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen and Notebook 9 will be available in the USA in early 2018, and we're expecting to get a closer look at them at CES next month.

Unfortunately, Samsung has yet to reveal a price for this handsome computing device.

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Samsung announced new Windows 10 PCs from its Notebook 9 series