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NWS issues Lake Effect Snow Warning

14 Décembre 2017

Lake effect snow showers will likely impact the eastern and northern shorelines of Huron County starting at 4 p.m. Most of that snow will accumulate Tuesday night.

MAP: By Tuesday morning, several dominant bands of lake-effect snow will be set up.

A Lake Effect Snow Warning means significant amounts of lake effect snow are forecast that will make travel very hazardous or impossible.

We do get a break in our weather for Thursday, with breaks of sunshine. We will reach the low 50s early on, but then temperatures will fall and we could end up in the mid 40s by late afternoon. The winds become consistent for several hours this afternoon, allowing for a narrow band of heavy lake effect snow to develop in the Mohawk Valley. Wind chills will drop to zero or below into Tuesday night. Erie, Pennsylvania, and southwestern NY, as well as spots south of Lake Ontario, including Rochester and Syracuse, are where model guidance is dumping the heaviest accumulations.

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Parts of Crawford County could see up to 16 inches of snow by late Wednesday night, according to the National Weather Service in Cleveland.

Egging this round of snow on will be some of the coldest air yet to plunge into the region this season.

Snow will wind down this morning after a clipper system moved through Upstate New York overnight, but don't be fooled: There's more on the way.

NWS issues Lake Effect Snow Warning