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Morneau to unveil income sprinkling details

14 Décembre 2017

Responding to vocal opposition to measures that targeted "income sprinkling" - business owners who distribute income among family members to reduce their taxes - the finance department said the reform would exempt family members who contributed to the business.

The plan has faced criticism but federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau maintains fewer than three per cent of private corporations would be affected by the adjustments, that the changes are created to target only wealthy individuals who have used the incorporation of small businesses to gain an unfair tax advantage.

Starting January 1, 2018, "simpler rules" will exclude certain individuals from having to meet a previously announced "reasonableness test" to determine whether income received matches the extent of family members' business contributions.

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- Adults aged 25 and older who own at least 10 per cent of a company that earns less that 90 per cent of its income from providing services and is not a professional corporation.

The government has since walked back some aspects of the tax change package, and in addition, accelerated the planned reduction of the small business tax rate.

The report recommended the government undertake a comprehensive review of the country's tax regime before moving forward with the proposed reforms.

Morneau to unveil income sprinkling details