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Bermuda becomes first country to repeal same-sex marriage

14 Décembre 2017

If the measure becomes law, the British overseas territory will become the first territory in the world to take away the right of same-sex couples to marry.

The Domestic Partnership Act 2017 was passed with 24 MPs supporting the bill and 10 opposing it.

In May, Bermuda's Supreme Court ruled that a ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, stating "the common law discriminates against same-sex couples by excluding them from marriage".

Bermuda has become the world's first country to repeal same-sex marriage just six months after it became legal on the island.

Bermuda's government, which legalized same-sex marriage six months ago, is working on a bill that will replace same-sex marriage with domestic partnership arrangements.

According to the Washington Blade, 60 percent of Bermudian voters were against any type of partnership for same sex couples in a non-binding referendum held in 2016.

"We need to find a way in Bermuda to fully embrace greater rights for all members of the community", Brown said.

"Saying that there was a "high likelihood" that a Private Members Bill would have been tabled in Parliament which would have outlawed same-sex marriage and afforded no rights to same-sex couples", the Minister said the Government "took leadership on the issue and has chose to bring forward this Bill, which will ensure that same-sex couples will have a raft of legal benefits".

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"On the ground, the political reality is that if we do not lead, we would have a Private Members Bill tabled to outlaw same-sex marriage", he said.

During the debate, the liberal Progressive Labour Party (PLP) backbencher Lawrence Scott maintained that the legislation provides the "LGBTQ community the benefits it has been asking for", but retains "the traditional definition of marriage". "If that bill passes, same-sex couples have no rights whatsoever".

Supporters of LGBTQ rights said that the bill was "shameful". "The benefits are what they really want".

Since the ruling, couples have spoken out against the move to ban gay marriages.

But Shadow Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin does not support the bill because of the previous ruling in May and a supposed lack of justice.

MP Wayne Furbert said, "I support it because at the end of the day it removes the right to same-sex "marriage" and it tells the court that this Parliament will stand for what is right".

The bill will not revoke any marriages that have already happened.

Bermuda becomes first country to repeal same-sex marriage