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Facebook Removes Ticker News Feed For Monitoring Friends' Activity

12 Décembre 2017

Perhaps removing the ticker is Facebook's way of responding to the criticism, or it may just be because the feature wasn't getting used enough.

It was a controversial launch as people called it "creeper feed" because of how it quietly keep tabs on people on one's network.

That's because it allowed you to monitor every single thing your friends did on Facebook, and stalk them easily.

TechCrunch reported that it isn't clear as to why Facebook made a decision to axe the Ticker.

A member of Facebook's help team confirmed the feature is "no longer available" when asked by a user how to get it back.

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The Ticker feed used to live in the top-right corner of the screen on the desktop site.

Its disappearance marks a huge shift for Facebook, which introduced it at the same time it launched the algorithmic News Feed, which prioritises the updates, pages and ads Facebook thinks you'll be most interested in.

Here's hoping the news feed's security increases along with its popularity. However, unless you were looking for it, Facebook's official statement could be easily missed. Until now, there hasn't been an easy way to see and chat with your friends about photos, articles, and other things they're posting in real-time. One of the site's new features, which is rolling out to users in Britain, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Columbia, and France, appears to be an attempt at refreshing the old "Poke" function, which few people seem to use these days.

It could also be a case of "out with the old and in with the new" for Facebook. The Ticker supplemented this more selective News Feed with a no-holds-barred stream of activity, from everyone and of everything you're "friends" with.

Facebook Removes Ticker News Feed For Monitoring Friends' Activity