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3 times Snapdragon 845 will change smartphones in 2018

12 Décembre 2017

"Always On" is also On with a Snapdragon X16 LTE modem that supports 4G LTE-Advanced signals. Although Microsoft includes an x86 emulation layer, many programs need fine tuning to work efficiently with it. However, PCWorld reports that once the emulation layer has interpreted an x86 binary, it is cached to help improve subsequent performance.

We already came across a confirmation from Xiaomi's CEO that the forthcoming flagship, the Mi 7 will use the Snapdragon 845 SoC.

Finally, Qualcomm has introduced 6 degrees of freedom of movement to enhance the accuracy of wearer tracking, and simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) to ensure consistent tracking even when the user is moving in fast motion.

The phones will be offering 6GB of RAM and are expected to come with a dual rear camera setup featuring Sony IMX380 and IMX350 sensors.

It very well could be that we are too early in the launch of these devices for the topic of security to become a point of conversations but to me, this is by far the most interesting part. And in reality, this is the only thing that will make these devices attractive when compared an Intel or AMD powered hardware.

Google introduces 3 new photography apps: All you should know
Tapping the screen a second time stops the process and generates a contact sheet of all images taken during the shoot. This app experiment is available for both Android and iOS , and it works by automating the self-taking process.

The Qualcomm and NetEase have been adapting Khronos' Vulkan graphics, which allows for graphics computations to be offloaded to the CPU, reducing the load on the graphics chip, reducing power consumption and overheating.

The real benefit of ARM-based machines is that they should be immune to malicious Win32 applications.

Qualcomm says all these improvements are designed to deliver innovations for new XR (eXtended Reality) experiences that span virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

"With our close relationship with Qualcomm Technologies, NetEase can improve our existing and future mobile gaming content more effectively for premium tier Snapdragon platforms, especially the Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform", said Ethan (Yi) Wang, vice president, NetEase, Inc. For providing seamless connectivity irrespective of borders, the NovaGo has a built-in eSIM. Both the displays are likely to feature the 18:9 aspect ratio display and a full-screen design.