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Says she is "not aware" of other countries moving embassies

11 Décembre 2017

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump took aim at both CNN and Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel over corrections they made made. Trump has denied all the claims and called the women liars.

The White House said Monday that President Trump wants women to feel comfortable coming forward with allegations of sexual misconduct, but that doesn't mean he believes every accusation, especially those levied against him.

The reporter behind that story, Sanders suggested, purposefully injected their bias into their reporting.

When asked whether she struggled personally, as a woman, with the President's response to the allegations, Sanders shot down the question, saying she's there to relay Trump's message. The report was later corrected to say that the email was sent September 14, after the hacked documents were released by WikiLeaks.

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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will begin a news conference at 2 p.m. ET. "Sometimes, and a lot of times you don't". Something that happens regularly.

"I used to not know what foundation was", Feimster says.

"You can not say that it's an honest mistake when you are purposely putting out information that you know to be false or when you're taking information that hasn't been validated, that hasn't been offered any credibility, and that has been continually denied by a number of people including people with direct knowledge of an instance", she said.

Acosta then took the baton and the presser more or less derailed. Sanders cited Brian Ross' ABC News report where he initially reported that Trump, as a presidential candidate, directed Michael Flynn to contact the Russians. Ross later issued a correction, clarifying that Trump's request came after his election in 2016. This led to Sanders getting rattled as she battled with Acosta and others while she tried to make the case that reporters and news outlets were intentionally spreading false information in an effort to misinform the public.

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