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Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams

11 Décembre 2017

The Los Angeles Rams are no longer the same 7-9 team they were under Jeff Fisher for all those years.

Woods was targeting a Week 15 return, but he practiced on Friday and was labeled questionable for Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles. But since these are the Rams, and they do now play in L.A. - where the fans haven't exactly lined up to support them or their soon-to-be stadium tenants, the Chargers - the powers that be at Fox may have realized that there won't be too many folks decked out in the blue, white and gold to act insane in the background while Terry Bradshaw drops some knowledge on the viewers at home.

Los Angeles' struggle of not having an National Football League team to suddenly getting two teams that no one asked for has been well documented.

Seahawks' Malik McDowell Busted for Disorderly Conduct
Seattle coach Pete Carroll had expressed optimism at midseason that McDowell might have a chance to return this season. The Seahawks declined to comment on the incident prior to Sunday afternoon's game in Jacksonville.

Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on Sunday, December 10th in Los Angeles, California.

Get live updates and analysis during the Eagles' game against the Rams from our reporters and columnists in the press box at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and share your thoughts on the action in our live chat with Jonathan Tannenwald. So there was a perception that Fox was asking people to act like Rams fans.

FOX Sports can say what they like, but they probably wouldn't need to take these measures if the Rams were getting more than 100 fans out to their games.

Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams