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Little boy signs for help while sitting with Santa

11 Décembre 2017

Spencer said the photo, taken when her son was 1-year-old, is several years old but this was the first time she has shared it on Twitter.

"We taught our baby sign language", Spencer wrote in a December 5 Twitter post.

The little boy made the sign for "help" during his photo with the jolly old mall elf in Owing Mills, Md.

Mashable reported that Spencer, whose Facebook profile states that she is a faculty member at Stevenson University, taught both of her children ASL. "You're welcome", she tweeted.

Some of the reactions to the photo were almost as amusing as the photo itself. I think the left hand might be moving away? "You're welcome", Spencer wrote.

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Some people commented that the sign was not quite right.

If you couldn't tell this baby was not having it. "Like with spoken language, certain words are "mispronounced" by babies learning them".

She posted an image of the ASL sign for comparison. The Spencer family has since moved to Parkton, Maryland. Samuel, now 13, even got in on the Twitter action.

I happen to be the baby in this photo.

"You're a big boy now", his mom responded.

Little boy signs for help while sitting with Santa