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Jerry Brown: Trump doesn't fear 'the wrath of God'

11 Décembre 2017

Recognizing the threat of climate change, cutting fat from the budget and raising taxes - that's the threefold plan California's Gov.

Brown, who studied to become a Jesuit priest, has criticized Trump and his administration's failure to embrace climate change.

Southern California is now engulfed in massive wildfires that have destroyed thousands of acres of property.

Expand | Collapse (Photo: Reuters/Robert Galbraith) California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown speaks at a news conference following his debate with his Republican opponent Meg Whitman at Dominican University in San Rafael, California, October 12, 2010.

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L'ancienne ministre des Droits des femmes évoque " l'ignoble Robert Ménard " et demande un retrait immédiat et des poursuites. C'est donc sans surprise que la nouvelle campagne du maire de Béziers fait polémique sur les réseaux sociaux.

"This could be something that happens every year or every few years", he said in a recent press conference.

Speaking to CBS' "60 Minutes" in an interview that aired Sunday, the California Democrat said Trump's policies on the environment and his stance toward climate change show that he doesn't fear God. "That's a preposterous idea, not even a shred of truth in that statement", Brown said. "We have a cap and trade system, which is a very efficient way to reducing greenhouse gases". We have a zero-emission vehicle mandate. "California is showing that dealing with climate is good for the economy - not bad", he said.

"It's a culture that's on the move - not pulling up the drawbridge out of fear and economic insecurity". The fires have burned thousands of acres and devastated hundreds of structures.

Jerry Brown: Trump doesn't fear 'the wrath of God'