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AMD's Ryzen 2 processors are reportedly arriving in early 2018

11 Décembre 2017

AMD recently held an event detailing its plans for 2018, and aside from detailing the launch date of the second generation Ryzen processors, AMD also spoke about the release dates for its Ryzen 3, Ryzen Pro Mobile APUs and Ryzen 7 and 5 gaming CPUs for notebooks.

The news of AMD's next-gen Ryzen 2 processors has the internet in a tailspin, with a tease of the new Ryzen 7 2800X with 12C/24T at a blistering 5.1GHz blowing everyone away.

The new chips are built on GlobalFoundries' 12nm process node, rather than the 14nm process used by Summit Ridge-essentially making Pinnacle Ridge AMD's tick in the tick-tock model-and they use a refined Zen+ architecture.

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The first bout of Ryzen CPUs made their debut earlier this year and offered enough performance on tap to give people an alternative to Intel chips, which had for some time offered better performance than AMD's CPUs. The processors will also apparently support faster DDR4 memory frequencies. The other important change is a higher clock speed across the board with a multi-core frequency of 4.6 GHz and single-core frequency of 5.1 GHz against the 1800X's 3.6 GHz and 4.1 GHz. According to DigiTimes, X470- or B450-based motherboards will be the first of these to arrive in March.

It's also worth noting that the chips will be compatible with existing (AM4) motherboards, so if you want to upgrade from an original Ryzen processor, you'll be able to do so, with only a BIOS update required for the motherboard. This may mean we see a similarly staggered approach to launching Ryzen second generation products, beginning with enthusiast Ryzen 7 chips. These prices of AMD make the launch more exciting.