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Donald Trump Doesn't Watch Too Much TV, Says Donald Trump

10 Décembre 2017

Donald Trump, who rode his status as a reality TV personality and cable news regular into the White House, has long had a circular, symbiotic relationship with television.

'He believes passionately that the liberal left and the media are out to destroy him. The president is also said to have a muted TV on in the background throughout the day.

Still though, the president is wary of being seen as someone who is too fixated on the screen. That's at least one takeaway from a massive report from The New York Times, published Saturday that profiles the day-to-day habits of a president whose first year in office has careened from crisis to crisis.

"Around 5:30 each morning, President Trump wakes and tunes into the television in the White House's master bedroom", the Times reports.

However, Trump doesn't like being viewed as someone who watches so much TV to where it "reinforces the criticism that he is not taking the job seriously".

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Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One during his trip to Asia last month, Trump dismissed the idea that he has time for the tube.

"I do not watch much television", Trump said. "People with fake sources-you know, fake reporters, fake sources". "I actually read much more - I read you people much more than I watch television".

He added: "But I don't get to watch much television". Trump, and even his kids and staff, tweet about Fox News regularly, sometimes apparently suggesting stories Fox should cover -- like one November tweet in which the president hailed the booming economy and tagged the Fox and Friends Twitter account. They've learned that if Trump does not immediately tweet about "something memorable" on Fox, he may be saving it for later viewing on his "Super TiVo" recorder and instead watch MSNBC or CNN live-both of which put him "in a foul mood to start the day". His aides monitor Fox & Friends in the mornings "in much the way commodities traders might keep tabs on market futures to predict the direction of their day". The article noted that Trump will sometimes move over to the next den to watch another television or make his way to the Treaty Room, often while still in his pajamas.

White House staffers told the magazine that the President takes two scoops of ice cream with his chocolate cream pie, while everyone else gets one.

Donald Trump Doesn't Watch Too Much TV, Says Donald Trump