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Watch Melissa McCarthy Debunk The 'So-Called' Science of… Gravity

09 Décembre 2017

"Really smart people know it's a ruse invented by the illuminati", McCarthy claimed.

Midway through, "Junifer Ooniston" (Jennifer Aniston) came out to push back against the campaign, but she was no match for McCarthy.

McCarthy then presented a public service announcement that "might just save your life".

"I'd like to talk to you about a subject the mainstream media doesn't want you to hear about", the 47-year-old actress said in the sketch.

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Scoffing at the notion that the "Theory of Gravitivity" was conceived by Isaac Newton, "the guy from the cookies", she expressed her aggravation about how school children are "brainwashed into believing that they can not fly". "They say it's 'settled science.' They call people who disagree with them 'duh-nye-urz.' Of course, I'm talking about gravity".

The screen cuts to a pre-recorded take, where "famous person Melissa McCarthy" reveals that she is there to debunk gravity, reminding people that it was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton. McCarthy questioned the Friends star, who replied, "Pretty much every scientist in the world told me that".

McCarthy concluded that "what goes up... will stay there". "Every single one? Isn't that a little fishy?"

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

Watch Melissa McCarthy Debunk The 'So-Called' Science of… Gravity