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Trump Once Tried to Kiss Me

09 Décembre 2017

In fact, she brought a friend back to Trump Tower so that the future president could give them a tour of "The Apprentice" set.

Juliet Huddy, a former anchor for Fox News, said yesterday that President Trump once tried to kiss her.

Huddy, now host of a radio program on WABC Radio, revealed during an appearance on Mornin'! w/ Bill Schulz that Trump leaned in to kiss her after taking her out to lunch.

"When all the stuff came out about Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump was one of the people who said, 'I don't believe this happened and I don't believe he did it, '" Huddy explained. He said goodbye to me in an elevator while his security guy was there; rather than kiss me on the cheek he leaned in to kiss me on the lips.

"It was a weird moment", she said, noting she was reflecting on it publicly for the first time.

Years later, Trump visited Huddy on her Fox morning show and made light of his advances, telling the studio audience, "I tried hitting on her, but she blew me off".

But she added, "I was surprised that he went for the lips". "He never tried anything after that, and I was never alone with him".

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Huddy emphasized that at the time she wasn't offended that he kissed her but that she has a different perspective now.

"Maybe he leaned in for a kiss thinking, 'she came out for lunch with me, maybe she's interested, '" she said she thought.

"He's been known to call women who are anchors and say, 'I love what you do, '" Huddy said. "Now that I've matured, I look at things a little bit differently".

HuffPost reached out to the White House for comment, but it did not immediately respond.

Huddy added that she was "disappointed" in Trump's reaction to the O'Reilly news.

Huddy left Fox News after filing a harassment complaint against Bill O'Reilly, ultimately accepting a six-figure settlement from Fox's parent company, 21st Century Fox. "I thought, 'This is interesting'". "I was actually very disappointed in Trump, I thought, 'You know what, f-- you'".

Trump Once Tried to Kiss Me