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Bears Tight End Zach Miller to Doctors: 'Save My Leg, Please'

09 Décembre 2017

In that game, Bears tight end Zach Miller suffered a gruesome leg injury that put him out for the remainder of the National Football League season.

In a new interview shared by TMZ, Miller recalled the October incident where his leg buckled while he was trying to reel in a touchdown catch during the third quarter of a game against the New Orleans Saints.

Miller said he wasn't in pain and felt calm, but told the trainer his knee was "gone".

Sid Dreyer, the Bears' assistant trainer, accompanied Miller in the ambulance and his instruction that Miller be brought to University Medical Center New Orleans, which has a Level I trauma center, instead of a second hospital in the city likely saved Miller's leg.

The NFL community seemed to stop after Bears tight end Miller suffered a horrific injury, which resulted in emergency vascular surgery on October 29 to fix a torn popliteal artery in his dislocated left knee.

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Miller also described the reaction he gave to the doctor on his leg status.

Miller said he remembers the pop in his leg, the instinct to hold on to the football as long as he could after making the play in the end zone and then the realization something was terribly wrong. Miller said he could "never repay" the Bears chairman.

"I knew it was pretty severe", Miller said. By the time we make the trip to the other, they diagnose me, I would've had to go back to the Level 1 trauma that we already went to. A little bit of guilt.

During the interview, Miller got very emotional talking about the care his wife has given to him since the injury. "He's a special kid. he gets me through every day".

Miller had many visitors during his almost month-long stay in a Chicago hospital, including Bears owner George McCaskey, who helped him overcome feeling weighed down by the "what ifs" and accept his situation for what it was. He told me he's not gonna let it ruin his life, which is uplifting. Now, more than a month afterward, Miller has opened up about his traumatic experience. "And if he can accept that, you can really get through anything".

Bears Tight End Zach Miller to Doctors: 'Save My Leg, Please'