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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Creators Announce Witchfire

08 Décembre 2017

It appears that everything we were shown at the Game Awards was, in fact, all gameplay footage.

At the Game Awards this evening, a new title was revealed from The Astronauts, the creators of the Vanishing of Ethan Carter and People Can Fly, the developers of Bulletstorm. There isn't a lot of information to go on in terms of what to expect from Witchfire, but it looks to meld some exciting dark fantasy elements with first-person shooter sentiments that look pretty exciting. You can check out the trailer above.

In addition to their old-fashioned firearms, players will rely on an array of powers including lightning fast movement and a telekinetic ability in order to interact with the environment and make short work of their foes.

Soul Calibur 6 Reveal Trailer Unveiled at The Game Awards
It only became formally known as Soul Caliber when a follow-up title was released on arcade and the Sega Dreamcast in 1998. The trailer, seen below, highlights some of the fighters that will presumably be available in the finished release.

The latest project from The Astronauts now has no scheduled release date, leading many interested gamers online to speculate on just when we might get to try out the upcoming shooter for ourselves.

The announcement didn't reveal which systems Witchfire is in development for or a release window.

Witchfire now has no scheduled release date.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Creators Announce Witchfire