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Star Wars Battlefront 2's premium currency might not return

08 Décembre 2017

But although that removal was meant to be temporary, new comments from EA suggest that it could end up being permanent.

While EA took out all the microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II, it also mentioned that it will be back in some form or another eventually, Well, that might not be happening at all.

"We turned the MTX off as an opportunity to work on the progression system inside the game". If EA announced microtransactions into Battlefront II but it was for cosmetics only, I gather a lot of people would be OK with it. It's not that far outside the realm of possibility, especially since Disney apparently called EA and put pressure on them to remove the microtransactions before the game launched. Investors were well aware that fans weren't happy, and the massive drop in stock value was investors' way of making their concerns known.

Moreover, sales of Star Wars Battlefront 2 dropped by over 60% when compared to the first game.

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Interestingly, Jorgensen added that it's still up in the air whether or not microtransactions will make a return, and if they do, they could be implemented differently.

Though, if EA does ultimately decide to bring back microtransactions, then additional comments that Jorgensen made during the event may inspire some optimism.

"Clearly we are very focused on listening to the consumer and understanding what the consumer wants and that's evolving constantly", Jorgensen said, via Glixel.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Star Wars Battlefront 2's premium currency might not return