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Lost Sphear gets a demo on console and PC

08 Décembre 2017

Check out this special message from the team behind Lost Sphear - Tokyo RPG Factory...

The adventure of Lost Sphear begins in a remote town where a young boy, Kanata, awakens from a devastating dream to find his hometown disappearing.

You'll also be able to get a glimpse of the Artefacts system (which allows you to use memories to restore parts of the world), the game's rideable Vulcosuit mechs and some of the Paradigm Drive attacks unique to each character.

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Lost Sphear is the studio's second release, following on from 2016's warmly received I am Setsuma. To stop the world from being lost forever, Kanata and his comrades set out to rebuild the world around them with the power of Memory by manifesting thoughts into matter.

A physical package is now available for pre-order exclusively from the Square Enix Online Store for the PS4 and Switch.

Lost Sphear has its full release in a little over a month, coming to Switch, PS4 and PC via Steam on January 23, 2018.

Lost Sphear gets a demo on console and PC