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Hope Solo to run for president of US Soccer Federation

08 Décembre 2017

Former US women's national team goalkeeper Hope Solo joined the crowded race for the US Soccer Federation presidency on Thursday. She called Sweden, the Americans' quarterfinal opponent, "cowards". Solo discussed how being a lower-middle class family was taxing on her soccer dreams because of the cost to play youth soccer.

"The system has been set up to discriminate and to overlook the disadvantaged because of an arrogant belief that the United States possesses the worlds best athletes, so therefore we can get away without having the world's best soccer players", Solo wrote.

She said the business strategy at U.S. Soccer is "profit over progress", and that this can't continue. "We now must refocus our goals and come together as a soccer community to bring about the changes we desire". Currently, the only information about her campaign comes from these posts, but they focus more on monetary challenges for youth soccer players than other candidates have.

Solo says she is running on four core principles: creating a winning culture in USA soccer; equal pay for women; making soccer accessible for all; and stressing transparency in the federation.

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For her career, Solo has made 202 total appearances with the national team, with 153 wins and an international-record 102 shutouts.

Solo, 36, is one of nine candidates to replace the outgoing president Sunil Gulati, who is not seeking a fourth term following the men's team's failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. She had also been involved in a case of domestic violence that a judge dismissed and she was previously suspended after her husband was arrested for driving under the influence while driving a USSF van while Solo was present.

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Hope Solo to run for president of US Soccer Federation