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Canning Vale fight: Witnesses tell of bloody brawl aftermath

08 Décembre 2017

The boy died and five others were left in hospital after what allegedly started out as an organised fight between two rival groups of teenagers.

Two youths were stabbed during the fight, but neither received fatal injuries.

Inspector Tony Hill said the fight spilled over into McDonalds, and the vehicle ploughed into pedestrians about an hour later.

They used towels and sheets to put pressure on wounds and went and got water for them.

The Education Department has confirmed that students from Canning Vale College were involved in the melee or witnessed the fighting. I went back inside and had a shower to wash off the blood that was on me.

Gard : la stèle d'Abel Chennouf, tué par Merah, profanée
Des gendarmes se sont rendus sur place ce jeudi après-midi pour procéder aux constatations. La photo accrochée sur la stèle dans le parc de la République à Manduel a été brisée.

"My youngest son stayed with one of the casualties lying on the ground and gave him reassurance and he was the one who called the emergency services".

Despite early reports of tensions between ethnic groups in the area, Detective Sergeant Matt Lewis told ABC Radio Perth police did not believe the brawl was gang-related.

Armadale Detectives are continuing to investigate incidents that took place at a local park on Ranford Road and a McDonalds restaurant at Livingston Marketplace on Ranford and Nicholson Roads in Canning Vale.

Four people were hit by a red Skyline on Eucalyptus Boulevard around 4.15pm, with a teen crashing through the front windscreen. Shoes were also seen strewn by the side of the road. "When I sat down I thought 'did that just happen?"

Canning Vale fight: Witnesses tell of bloody brawl aftermath